Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cozy Coffin for rent

The month of September is half gone and since Michael’s is aglow with red, silver and green, I think it’s time for me to start planning for Halloween. Ah…that one day when ghosts and goblins arrive at my door demanding handfuls of candy. Not the crappy no-name kind from the dollar store, but the good kind, like M&M’s, Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

I have been hard at work compiling my Halloween inspiration list on Pinterest. It’s filled with things I would like to make, but probably won’t. Between work, broken air conditioners, an eye infection and a much needed vacation in NYC, I haven’t had much time or energy for play.  Despite all my legitiment excuses I did manage to make my first spooky craft, a coffin for someone who is 5 inches tall. I admit it’s so tiny that it really isn’t practical, but I love the way it turned out. And who knows, I might one day meet a tiny vampire in search of a new bed.

The bones on the coffin are from a skeleton I dug up from a local graveyard
behind the Dollar Store.

 This is dedicated to my newly adopted Grandcreature - Watson.
And yes, he is a bat.  
This year I am going to be a bumble bee. I know, not too creative but once I convince the husband that he needs to be a Bee Keeper, I think we will look adorable. What are you going to be for Halloween?  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

VLVS! DT CALL aka losing my virginity

I am not by nature a competitive person. I actually sent my daughter Cassandra to a school that gave no grades because I firmly believe that competition is bad for the soul.  Obviously I never excelled at sports. Nevertheless, I am doing something I swore I would never ever do – try out for a design team.

This post is my official entry for the Viva Las Vegas Stamp Design Team. Love their stamps and since this is an official post, I want to start off by officially thanking Kory (Scrapiverse.blogspot) for introducing me to VLVS. Check him out - he's cool.

Rules require that we submit 3 projects and I decided to forgo the ATC/card/scrapbook and go with projects I am currently addicted to - altering anything that isn’t moving. It has gotten so bad that the husband has told me he is afraid to stand still because I might cover him in Mod Podge!

First up for consideration are some Stamped Clothespins-
Clothespins from the dollar store, a bit of white paint, Vintage Photo distressed edges and one of my favorite stamps from VLVS. This is was to be a gift for a
co-worker but I think I might have to keep it!

 Number Two is an altered Mini-Composition Book-
I used pages from an old Sears Catalogue and a VLVS steampunk elephant on the cover. Seriously, how can one not love an elephant wearing glasses and a top hat?

Number three is a simple Kraft Gift Bag-
I bought this stamp because I often give gifts to girl friends and just love the sentiment. Two heads are better than one! 

A post script to this post is that not only did my daughter dislike not getting grades, but  for 15 years she was a competitive ice skater. Go figure.

Have you ever applied to be on a design team? If so, please share your story!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

You're invited to a Party!

I own two Vagabonds, one that is broken, and one that is in pristine condition due to lack of use by said owner. Currently, all my dies are sound asleep in my kitchen pantry, but now that I am having a Craft Studio built - the Beehive - I want to keep my dies close at hand. Considering how often I use them they could really stay in the kitchen, but I am determined to use them, at least occasionally.  

Because the Vagabond looks like luggage, I started searching for something vintage that would complement the Vagabond.  An old fashioned train case seemed to be the perfect choice.  Requirements - didn’t break the bank, didn’t stink and would look good with the addition of a few TH travel stickers.
I originally wanted yellow, which is the accent color of the Beehive, but couldn’t find one that made me say wow. I scoured Ebay, Etsy and Craigslist for weeks until – insert harp music here – tan leather, no stains inside, no mildewed odor. Finder’s keepers, losers weepers! 

Preparing for the Beehive is like putting together a trousseau or preparing for a new baby.  Got me thinking whether I should have a Craft Studio Shower? I could register at Michael’s, make party favors – bee themed of course – and I could invite all my talented crafty friends I have grown to know and love from the Internet. Ummm...think perhaps I better start planning right away because I need to find a recipie for a martini that contains honey. 

 I'm all packed and ready to move into the Beehive!
Not much room for new dies, but there's now plenty of empty space in the pantry!
I do hope you'll join me for the celebration. Please leave your RSVP in the comment section so I can plan accordinly. I don't want to run out of pink honey martinis! Or the milk and honey martinis!