Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Joy to the World

Jeremiah was a bull frog. Was a good friend of mine.
Never understood a single word he said,
but he always had some mighty fine wine.

I really love that song. Makes me want to relive the 1970’s when I was a swinging 20 year old and had the ability to drink some mighty fine wine while partying the night away.

One of the things that make me love the song is that Jeremiah is/was a bull frog. However, when originally written by Hoyt Axton, Jeremiah was a “prophet.” The 3 Dog Night didn’t care to sing about a prophet so they changed Jeremiah to a frog and recorded the sometimes nonsensical song. It seems that was a good decision as it went on to sell over 5,000,000 singles making it one of the biggest selling songs in history. So much for silly songs. 

Sorry that I went off on a tangent. This post is supposed to be all about wine, not amphibians. Time to show off my Vintage Wine Journals.

Lots and lots of rubber stamps

All the paper is tea dyed

Plenty of room for recording your mighty fine wine tastings
You can see the video HERE. And you can buy on of my fabulous Vintage Wine Journals when I open my Etsy store - Inside The Beehive. Hope to see you over there for the ribbon cutting ceremony. I will be serving some might fine wine!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Until I started scrapping I thought a paper clip was just that, a paper clip. A vehicle that one used when one wanted to temporarily hold together assorted papers. A hundred to a box, made in China, pick them up at the dollar store for a dollar or at the 99 Cent Store for 99 cents. But as we all know now, that is so yesterday.

Today paper clips have been updated and upgraded to become a necessity for all good scrappers. No more boring blah silver, one can easily find paper clips in every color of the rainbow and in such obscure designs as Pac-Man and thumbs up and down.  

Despite their boring silver color, paper clips do have a colorful history. Although the first paper clip patent was awarded to Samuel B. Fay in 1867, its true origins remains a mystery to this day. And unlike other office supplies, paper clips played a role in WW2  when Norwegians wore them on their lapel as a symbol of resistance against the Germans. Inspired by this show of solidarity, the documentary PAPER CLIPS was released in 2004. If you haven’t seen it, please do. It is an incredible film that will restore your faith in the goodness of man.

I personally love the look of vintage paper clips and happened upon an easy way to make them. Ingredients: silver paper clips, alcohol ink and a plastic bag.

Pour a few drops of ink in the bag. Add a handful of paper clips, shake until they are coated. I usually let them sit for about a half hour and then remove and let dry. VOILA! Vintage paper clips for pennies.
Do you use paper clips in your projects? Have a favorite?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moon Over...

I was born and raised in New Jersey, just 45 minutes outside of the Big Apple. A city gal through and through, when I first moved to California I was instantly drawn to Hollywood because it was the only city I could find in Southern California that resembled New York – bright lights, lots of tourists, constant motion and its fair share of crazy people.

Fast forward 35 years – I now live in the heart of suburbia in the San Fernando Valley. Canoga Park is the complete opposite of Hollywood. Nothing is open at night except 24 Hour Fitness and without anything of interest to see in Canoga Park, finding a tourist wouldn’t be a rarity, it would be a news worthy event.

Having said all that, there are those rare moments when I do encounter someone who acts a bit Hollywood-ish AKA Crazy. Last Saturday I had to mail a package for a swap and went to our local post office. It’s usually a rather mundane task, but this time something  happened that made the experience, shall we say out of the ordinary?

While waiting on line, I noticed that the guy in front of me, a good-looking dude with long blond hair, surfer shorts and a tee shirt was…barefoot. Yep, he wasn’t wearing shoes! But wait, that wasn’t what made him memorable. Completing his transaction, he bent over and…mooned me!!!  

I immediately felt the need to cover my eyes, but I realized that this would have been a completely normal occurrence if I still lived in Hollywood. And then, for one moment, I was that 20 something, free-spirited, love child who still lived in Hollywood. So I opened my eyes wide and took a good look at surfer dudes tush! As I left the Post Office I realized that I didn’t need Hollywood. Crazy would follow me whenever I lived.

Ever have something funny happen at the Post Office? Ever been mooned? If so, please do share.