Random things

  1. No one knows my weight…not even me!
  2. I adore Candy Ginger Body Butter from The Body Shop.
  3. I floss and take off my makeup every night.
  4. I love murder mysteries and after reading the first chapter of a book usually read the last. Drives my husband nuts!
  5. Love the TV show Drop Dead Diva.
  6. I once dated a guy who had a Harley. I stayed with him not because I liked him, but because I liked the Harley.
  7. I am germ phobic.
  8. I am an atheist, but very spiritual.
  9. I once wrote a story that a teacher liked so much she accused me of plagiarism.
  10. I love plain yogurt.
  11. I am a cheap date – one drink and I’m ready to party.
  12. I used to suffer from panic attacks.
  13. I love order and am a bit OCD.
  14. I can swim but never learned how to dive.
  15. I love room service.
  16. I occasionally throw out things by mistake.
  17. Although I don’t love the color yellow, when Tony and I painted our bedroom, yellow is the color I chose for our bedroom.
  18. I check my yahoo account at least a dozen times a day for new mail.
  19. I hate making mistakes.
  20. I think a lot about my immortality.
  21. I refuse to buy/wear Spanx.
  22. I actually like my curly hair.
  23. I love to dance.
  24. I make endless lists.
  25. I have a terrible habit of starting a book before I finish what I am reading. Consequently, I have a stack of books on my bedside table that I haven’t finished.
  26. When I have trouble falling asleep I fantasize about winning the lottery.
  27. I love the taste of Splenda but have promised both Tony and Cassandra that I won’t use it anymore.
  28. I hate runny eggs.
  29. I am always early.
  30. I hate getting up in the morning.


  1. Are you my long lost twin?? Far to many of your random facts match me. Cool blog, love your writing style. Found you via the Beach. All the Best Michelle

  2. Oh, OCD, I am the opposite...I know my faults and I love it! Not my hubby though hehehe...he's OCD too, but easing up now been married for 35 years...He tried to change me but my brain wouldn't comply, not that I didn't want to...just couldn't I think I'm ADD my daughter thinks so too and she's a teacher lol!
    thanks for sharing of yourself. I wish I can be just like you orderly

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  4. sorry ellen should have put this where the swap site was

  5. Like your #4, I read the last page of a book first.
    Kathy D

  6. I LUV YOU ELLEN! We have so much in common...lol! will email you. Lots of lil hugs!

  7. Love the list and you ard brave to put it "out there". I am in agreement with SO MANY. things. Maybe because we are both CA women and close in age, I think. Anyway, I admire your work and love your YouTube so don't give that up! I am going to make a list but since I am not a public figure , it will stsy in my journal.

  8. Just thought I would let you know why the bicycle in your TP album is called a penny farthing. In Englan and Australia before decimal currency we had a penny (which was the largest coin) and a farthing (worth a quarter of a penny) and the smallest coin. So hence someone decided the bike looked like a penny and a farthing. Love your work, thanks for the videos.