Birth Certificate

My father loved adventure. My mother, on the other hand, was terrified of many things, especially flying. Consequently, when we traveled it was either by car or train. I have many wonderful memories of train trips and although I have no fear of flying, if Tony and I have the time, we ride the rails in the lap of luxury.

Last year we traveled by train to San Diego for a weekend of baseball. Because we were in a rush to get to the game, when we arrived in San Diego we didn’t have a chance to tour the historic train station. Everything about the trip was fun and as we bid farewell to San Diego, we made it a point to arrive at Union Station a few minutes early so that we could explore the grand depot.

The station, originally called the Santa Fe Depot, officially opened in 1915 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Spanish Colonial Revival style station is testament to an era of bygone years. The grand interior space of the depot features natural redwood beam ceilings, highlighted by walls adorned with brightly-colored ceramic tiles.

As I looked around the station I noticed a wooden sign - WOMENS WAITING ROOM. I knew that it was original to the building and I was intrigued with both the sign and the purpose of a women’s waiting room. A little research led me to the answer – it was a private room for unaccompanied women travelers. I could see it so clearly, elegant ladies dressed in their best traveling suit, locked away from the dangers of society as they gossiped about the latest society scandals.

I was hooked and instantly knew that if I ever had a blog, the name would have to be the Womens Waiting Room.