Monday, May 30, 2016

Dollar Tree and the Bum

I may be a frequent shopper at DT, but there are a few things I vowed never to purchase. Foremost is food. I have a phobia of purchasing expired or spoiled food that will make me sick - been there, done that way too many times. Another thing is TP. When I was working, just retired last year, I hated the one ply TP at work and promised myself and my bum that no matter what my financial situation when I retired, I deserved soft TP -  my favorite being Charmin. Side note - the husband loves Scott and we have separate bathrooms, that's why our marriage works.
Last month I was out of TP and on my way to Ralph's to stock up on paper goods, my car mysteriously ended up in the DT parking lot instead of Ralph's. Still trying to figure out how that happened? Obviously, had to stop in and ended up with some nonsense I didn't need but something I needed but didn't want... a 4 pack of their TP.

It's been a month and wanna guess whether it was awful or divine? It was neither. Better than work but definitely not as soft as Charmin. My official bum tested recommendation is, next time you 're shopping at DT put a pack in your basket. It's great to have on hand when you just don't have time to go shopping. No cute bears but seriously folks, have you ever seen a bear wipe their bum? Me neither!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Blame it on Dollar Tree and Target's Dollar Spot!

The $6,000,000 question of the day is, just how many post-it notes do you need? Look, I'm as guilty as the next man woman, but gee whiz folks, what the heck am I going to do with all these "must have" pads? I am too embarrassed to tell you just how many I own. Let's just say, a lot!  
Perhaps I am being presumptuous by assuming you are like me, and have a hard time passing up a stinking cute pad? After all, you might be one of the few who has enough will power to pass them by as you wander the aisles at Dollar Tree/Target. If so, have to know what secret you possess? Gotta admit they are beyond adorable and one never knows when one might need another post-it note pad. I have stacks in the kitchen, bedroom, office and Beehive. Thankfully, I don't have any in the bathroom but who knows, when Dollar Tree/Target puts out one with a bathroom theme I just might have to buy it!

I am usually awake when my husband leaves for work, but this morning I was still sleeping and found this by our coffee machine. Yeah for Target post-it notes, and yeah for husbands who write love letters on them.

Monday, May 23, 2016

95% of Blogs Fail

Up until a few days ago I was in the popular crowd - kind of - since 95% of Blogs fail and The Womens Waiting Room was a card carrying member. Yesterday I was given Aunt Jean's big, yellow baking bowl.  Aunt Jean is my Aunt through marriage and is this wonderfully creative woman, who  never married and has lived her life with passion and flair.
At almost 93, she recently decided to sell her home and move into a nearby assisted living home. She has been culling her possessions and yesterday, at our monthly visit, she gave me her Memory Bowl. It was her Mother's baking bowl and she fondly shared stories about how her mother would both mix and bake cakes in the bowl. Her favorites being the chocolate and the Easter cake. She had held onto it because it held such wonderful memories. Food does that. I fell in love with the bowl the minute I saw it. Think perhaps I smelled the delicious cakes.