Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Very Merry Unbirthday to You!

I have very mixed feelings about my birthday. On one hand, I am thrilled that I have made it through another year in good health. On the other hand, I hate growing older. On top of those bi-polar-ish feelings is that no matter what is planned by the husband, the day hardly ever lives up to my expectations.

This year I decided to take matters into my own hands. I have just two goals. One, instead of waiting for that special gift to appear on my doorstep, I am going to give out gifts. And two, to celebrate my birthday all month long. Well, almost – my birthday is December 17th so starting on December 1st my moniker will be “The Unbirthday Gift Fairy.”

My plan is to perform 17 anonymous Random Acts of Kindness.

To record the month I wanted to make something small so that I could keep it in my purse. A 3” Meandering Mini seemed like the perfect answer for this glorious celebration. I used my 7 Gypsies 6” paper pad I had coincidentally received as a RAK,  Miracle Tape, and two stamps from VLVS, the Practice Random Acts of Kindness and the December Daily Plate.  

 I cannot wait to get started!


Although I numbered each RAK my plan is to complete the tasks in no particular order. And, if needed, I am going to allow myself the flexibility to complete more than one task on any given day.

Now it’s time to give one of my followers a RAK. My favorite tape in the whole world is Miracle Tape. Seriously folks, the tape tares easily by hand and best of all I don’t need to use my tweezers to get the top layer off. One lucky follower will get a huge roll along with a little surprise. Want it? Leave a comment here or HERE on my YouTube Channel and check back next Sunday when I will announce the winner. A Very Merry Unbirthday to You!

PS - The husband is getting me a new camera for my Birthday!  No more fuzzy pictures!! And the day is going to be glorious!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

An Ode to Frank J. Wisner

The golden age of soda fountains began in the late 1800’s and lasted until the 1950’s. By the early 1920’s just about every drugstore had a soda fountain, a rather humble attempt to fill the social void due to prohibition. “The bar is dead, the fountain lives, and soda is king!”

Way back on a very hot summer day in 1893 Mr. Wisner, a Pharmacist with his own store in Colorado, ran out of ice. In an effort to sell his ice cream before it melted he started using the ice cream to cool the soda...it was an instant hit and the Root Beer Float was born.

Some choices regarding the Beehive were no brainers. Craft table – check, storage – check, flooring – check, paint colors – check etc. etc. etc. Only one thing caused me several sleepless nights - the bulletin board. I went back and forth and actually had 8 emails with a nice gal on Etsy regarding a custom BB for the Beehive. In the end I went with this….
I love the way it looks and I cannot wait to give it a taste!  
1.5 oz whipped cream vodka
1.5 oz Blackmaker Root Beer Liqueur
Club soda to top

Combine the ingredients in a rocks glass filled with crushed ice.
Stir well and serve chilled.

Update for Tanya – Sit down dear friend. It’s done!
 Harry & David approve and I hope so do you!
You can see the PEAR video HERE. Best to view with a Root Beer Float. Like, Love or Hate them? The float not the mini :-) A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

This and That

In case you are curious, THIS is an update on the Beehive and THAT is an update on my crafting. Let's start with the THIS because that (not that THAT) is much more exciting.
Yesterday the husband hung my four valances on my four windows. We only had one argument and neither of us threatened Divorce so overall I consider it a very successful day. I splurged on the valances but in my defence - they are loaded with bees and they were made in the USA. I am waiting none to patiently for my Root Beer bulletin board. That's all the hint I am giving so check back next week for the reveal.
 The top shelves are where my stamps live in a colorful collection of cigar boxes.
Need more!
Now to the THAT. Another update without anything new to report. I am working on just one project. It is a mini album for the very patient Tanya. She sent me a beautiful mini which is displayed on the shelf above on the right. Please Tanya, don't give up on me!
Domestic Goddess and Pears - they go together don't they?

I had to work last weekend at an Artisan Fair (seriously folks, that is a part of my 9-5 job!) and one of the vendors gave me a box of dominos. I couldn't refuse his generosity so I lugged them home and went straight to Pinterest and Etsy to see what I could make with them. Lots of jewelry but I wanted to create something different. Haven't found anything that has caught my fancy but I did find a seller on Etsy who has gorgeous graphics. I bought one and now am ready to create something. Anyone have any ideas?

If I can't find something quickly the husband has threatened to take them to his work for his patients to play with. Doesn't he know that dominos are meant for art not play???

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lost & Found - Memories

Have you ever totally forgotten a special memory and then you hear, see or even smell  something, and that memory comes flooding back? Had that happen to me just a few months ago.
A very nice and very talented gal on scrapbook.com forum (Terrihooper) offered to mail out an envelope of Vintage S & H Green Stamps to whoever wanted them. Within seconds of reading her post it all came back to me - a favorite childhood memory that I had, until that very moment, forgotten all about.
I remember as if it was yesterday how my sisters and I would pour through the S & H catalogue arguing about whose turn it was to pick out their favorite gift item. Selecting that “free” item to redeem was the reward for the hours we spent licking stamps.
I wanted to make something a bit more special than a card with my stamps and when I saw this STAMP from VLVS I knew immediately what I would create.

The box is one from the $1.50 bin at Michael’s and the paper I used is from last years Crate paper line.  What made the whole craft come together though was the fabulous stamp from Viva Las Vegas Stamps.

Small Balsa Box
Patterned Paper
Mod Podge
Distress ink
Green Stamps
Washi Tape
VLVS Stamp

Remove the knob and elastic closure from the Balsa Box.
Paint the box inside and out.
Cover the lid, the bottom of the box and the inside bottom with paper.
Ink the box with TH Distress Ink to give it a vintage look.
Using Mod Podge, paint a thin layer over the entire box, both inside and outside.
Stamp one S & H Green Stamp on paper.
Decorate with Washi Tape, Green Stamps, Flowers and your VLVS stamped image.

PS – The very last gift I got with my stamps was a cuckoo clock. Obviously I was suffering from a bad case of glue poison.