Thursday, March 21, 2013

Working in My Maidenform Bra

The minute I saw this Typewriter Stamp it brought to mind a nail biting, edge of your seat episode of Downton Abbey.
It was very scandalous when Gwen, just a simple housemaid, decides that she no longer wants to work “in service.” Secretly, (shhhh don’t breathe a word) she saves her meager wages, goes on eBay and buys a typewriter. Horror of horrors - when her typewriter is discovered by the evil Miss O'Brien (can’t believe she isn’t coming back for season 4), the evil rhymes-with-witch informs the whole world (twitter, facebook and email) about Gwen's plan to become a (GASP!) secretary. What follows is the cause of much discussion/distress/angst above and below the Downton Abbey stairs. But no need to fret my dears, for Lady Sybil comes to the rescue (thank the writers) and the episode ends happily ever after for Gwen, as she wins a position at a telephone firm (hey, it’s better than emptying chamber pots.)  Unfortunately, there was no happily ever after for the actress who played Gwen. She lost her job. 
Had a ball making this easy-peasy mini. Graphic 45 did all the hard work. All I did was cut and paste.
Front closed - notice the typewriter charms? 
Cover uncovered
Me at work - NOT

Gladys and I agree
Typed with Mellow-Yellow
Back cover with all the extras

You can view the Working in My Maidenform Bra Movie HERE.  This mini is for sale so if you know a secretary who is looking for something special - please let her know. Owning a Maidenform Bra is not a requirement.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tim Holtz Tattered Floral Challenge

Over the last year or so I have heard reports about some fabulous unfinished wooden boxes at the Dollar Tree, but had never actually seen them in person. There was a time when I wondered if they were just an urban legend. Did they really exist or was this some kind of conspiracy of the Dollar Tree to get me to stop by once a week in search of these phantom boxes? 

I had given up the hunt many months ago, so when I visited the Dollar Tree the other day and wandered down their craft aisle, I did a double take when I saw squares of unfinished wood on the bottom shelf. I immediately dropped to my knees. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The heavens opened up and in front of me appeared – insert harp music here -  close to 40 little boxes in assorted styles.

Yes Virginia the Dollar Tree boxes do exist. Although now there are only 30 left, so if you want one you better get over there pronto!

I gotta say I love these better than the $1.00 balsa boxes

The tiny box is the perfect size to house my tiny thimble collection

I figured my first box needed to be an important one, so this is my entry in the TH TF Challenge. I made the flowers with tissue paper I got from this wonderful boutique in NYC called What Goes Around Comes Around. I painted the box, distressed it and then decorated with a script TH stamp. Lace, a black key, an actual label from the store and a butterfly finish off the the Infamous Dollar Tree Box.

Hope you and Tim like it! There's still time to enter the challenge HERE. Does your local Dollar Tree carry the boxes? If so, what have you made with them?

Friday, March 15, 2013

I've Got Big News!

You spoke (or rather wrote) and I listened (or rather read.)  The final vote: 16 YES vs. 6 NO
This is it...
Born – 1960’s in Japan
12” long
11 lbs
$50 plus $17.86 shipping


Drum roll please………..Winner of the stamp is Darlawelch!!!!!!
Because I really want to thank you gals and my token guy (Kory), I decided to order both stamps and whichever stamp Darlawelch doesn’t want will go to the second winner - Jasmine.
Darlawelch and Jasmine please send your address to me at and your stamp will be mailed as soon as I receive them from VLVS.
To all of you, many thanks for helping me make this momentous decision. The Vintage Typewriter album (which inspired the adoption of Mellow-Yellow) will be on display in Tuesday’s blog post.
PS. In mid-April I have planned a rather unique and profitable challenge so start thinking about your bucket list. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

YES or NO?

We all know that certain images are overdone.  A few that are particular tiresome for me include: the Eiffel Tower, butterflies and vintage typewriters. However, my exhaustion does not seem to stop me from buying more stamps, so, when I saw a New Typewriter Stamp at VLVS I was immediately drawn to it and decided to make a retro secretary mini. Love the stamp and double love the mini.   

I have no trouble spending $25 or less on something for my crafting but anything over $100 makes me quiver with fear. Despite my Big Dollar Anxiety (BDA), I have - sort of - made the decision that I need a yellow portable typewriter for the Beehive. I have my eye on two and either would be almost perfect.

The thing that makes it not-so-perfect is the cost. Here’s where you come in. Help me decide whether I should buy it or not. Before you make your decision, I have to share one teensy-weensy little thing with you. For Christmas, the husband bought me a sewing machine because I needed it, just like I need the yellow typewriter. Hanging her head in shame she admitted to all, “The sewing machine is still in its box…unopened.” 


YES, buy it
NO, save your money

Leave your comment and help me decide. Best thing about my request is that one lucky subscriber who leaves a comment will receive either a typewriter stamp or a sewing machine stamp from me and VLVS. Deadline to vote is Friday, March 15, 2013. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?

When I was around nine or ten my best friend Rita and I decided to hold a contest. Who could make the largest gum foil ball? Back then gum sticks came in a pack of five and each stick of gum was wrapped in a thin piece of paper stuck to an aluminum sheet. It took some patience but after stuffing each piece of gum into our mouth, we would carefully separate the foil from the paper and then roll the foil into a ball.
I honestly can’t recall how long our contest lasted, or who won, but I distinctly remember a huge argument over the accusation of cheating with Reynolds aluminum foil!
I decided to do a bit of research and found that our idea wasn’t exactly unique. Recently on eBay a vintage six pound gum foil ball sold for $299.99! I never received any money or notoriety from my ball, but am now having a bit of regret that I didn’t save it.
When I saw the adorable Tinfoil man stamp on the VLVS website I knew I just had to try my hand at making a real foil card. It was easier than I thought and I love the way it turned out.


Cardstock – white and gray

Silver Stickles

Black/White Patterned Paper

Aluminum Foil

Embossing Folder
I just made a simple greeting card and layered black cardstock on the cover. To emboss the tinfoil I used Miracle Tape to tape down the foil to a piece of cardstock. I then ran it through my Vagabond, cut the embossed piece to the desired size and glued it to the card. I added Silver Stickles to the stamped hats and then glued it to the card. 

Have you ever made a tinfoil chewing gum ball? Or a tinfoil hat? The closest thing to a tinfoil hat that I ever wore was using a frozen orange juice can as a hair roller. Can you top that??