Sunday, August 26, 2012

Twist and Shout

As some of you know, I am in the process of having a craft studio built in my backyard. No surprise here, it will be called the Beehive, and, please forgive me for saying this but I am buzzing with excitement! Although I have plenty of storage in our house, my problem has been not having a dedicated room for crafting. Since I am a stand-up-crafter, having to use the dining room table has left me with a permanent backache. My new high table, the Adams Craft Table/Bookends from Target has been purchased and is patiently waiting for this party to begin.

In preparation for the official groundbreaking ceremony, I have been culling my craft supplies and organizing like a madman. I’ve already completed the Washi tape storage HERE. Ribbons and lace were next on my list. My problem is that I have been storing both in a Jetmax canvas container and the only way to find anything was to either dump or dig. Searching for an inexpensive storage option I found an example of paint stick storage on Pinterest that wowed me. I haven’t finished wrapping my ribbons/lace but considering that the paint sticks are free, I was more than ready to twist and shout!

 I found that seam binding needs tape (pins leave holes) but for the lace you can use pins.

 In the Beehive little things, like pins, will be stored in vintage Jell-O molds.
No Michael's today!
I'm going shopping at Home Depot, Lowes and Orchard for more paint sticks.
How do you store your ribbons and lace? Next storage update will be for my Sizzix dies. I’ll give you a hint – passport ready for traveling. J


  1. I use open ended containers with small holes in them (good dollar store bargain) for organizing my ribbon and lace. I also found my inspiration on pinterest!

  2. Drill a small hole in the end of each of the paint sticks and hang them (by color) from several 3" rings (like the ones you see in notebooks). Than you can hang them from a curtain rod.

  3. The excitement is building. The countdown will soon begin. Can't wait to see the official ground breaking photos for the Beehive. xx Michelle

  4. Wow can't wait to see your beehive. And I guess you will be the Queen Bee....hehehe

  5. Love that idea of using paint sticks. Functional and pretty to look at.
    Hope you have your beehive real soon. Does that make you the queen bee?

  6. How delightful !!! just spent time with your blog -- after finding it in a list while seeing your u -tube -vid on tp rolls --- love your blog --- ok where do you get all your tag ideas ??? and patterns -- btw _I am a certified tagaholic --- not posting much now -- Love your 3x3 minis --I am all about lil books - KAthy - ga ♥