Monday, December 10, 2012

Les enfants de Paris

It was over 15 years ago, but I remember my first trip to Paris as if it were yesterday. Cassandra and I stayed in this tiny hotel near the Odeon Theatre. We had a Juliet balcony that overlooked the street and because Paris was in the midst of a heat spell, we kept the balcony doors open all day long. On the weekend there were children playing outside and I loved listening to them talk fluently in French. But it was their laughter that enchanted me - they laughed with a french accent.
I was asked to make favors for a party being held for a gal who loves all things French. I don't know why I picked candles but I was drawn to the vanilla scent while at the Dollar Tree and came home with an armload. I scoured Pinterest and YouTube in search of the perfect candle craft. When I happened upon the tissue paper candle I knew I had found my inspiration.
Remembering how magical the children of Paris were I decided to forgo the Eiffel tower and create Les enfants de Paris candles. At school, play and just enjoying the every day joy that Paris offers made making these favors a real treat for me. I hope you will view the short video I made with some tips on making the tissue paper candles. And you'll get to see them all dressed up for the party. The video is HERE.
My favorite candle is the one on the right.
Two little boys holding their mother's handbags! 

As always I used Kraft paper and TH Vintage Photo. 
I'd love to know what are your favorite last minute, inexpensive gifts? Do you make them? If so, please share with a link! 


  1. Those are FANTASTIC!!! I can't believe how easy your video makes it seem! Gotta try this! :) Thanks so much for such a wonderful idea!! :)

    1. Tanya, I have more to make so am going to try wearing fingerless gloves. I'll let you know if it works :-)