Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Power of YouTube. The Power of Love.

It all started with an old plastic basket I found at my favorite thrift shop. Inside was an assortment of miscellaneous threads and sewing supplies, none of which was an exceptional find, but the case was yellow, perfect for the BEEHIVE, so I bought it. Once home, I removed all the spools of threads and discovered that the case actually had a tray, which I lifted it up and discovered a wrapped box.

The box was filled with treasured mementos once owned by Jillian Rose Baily and it revealed a love story, albeit one sided, of Jillian Rose and a carnival performer named Vinni Bombo. After I posted the video, which you can view HERE, I received a message from Sarah T. who wrote that growing up she lived next door to a lovely woman who used to share stories about a relative named Vinni(e), a former carnival performer. She admitted that it probably was just a coincidence and that my Vinni probably wasn’t her Vinni(e) but she just happened to be going home for a week long visit and  promised she would let me know what she could find out.

Fast forward 4 weeks, 12 emails, two phone calls and one very special package.

Vinni and Jillian Rose did exist, not just in my imagination. Sarah T. was able to contact Vinni’s grand-niece who sent me; a framed copy of an old carnival poster, a photo album, three letters and a post card from Paris. Since she was camera shy she asked me to make a VIDEO so that the story of two lovers could be continued.

I am desperately seeking anyone who knew Jillian Rose Baily. Baily was her maiden name and I don't know if she ever married. I found the box in Los Angeles, California so I assume she lived here until her death. If you have any information please leave a comment. I am desperate to find out how this love story ended.  

The very talented Debbie from Ephemeras Vintage Garden has created a tribute to their love story which you can find HERE. Also, stop on over to her BLOG to receive her free downloads. They are awesome!  


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    1. Sweet Tanya, Thank you so much for still following my blog. I think about you often and please know that Vinni, Jillian Rose and are sending you big time hugs!!