Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Joy to the World

Jeremiah was a bull frog. Was a good friend of mine.
Never understood a single word he said,
but he always had some mighty fine wine.

I really love that song. Makes me want to relive the 1970’s when I was a swinging 20 year old and had the ability to drink some mighty fine wine while partying the night away.

One of the things that make me love the song is that Jeremiah is/was a bull frog. However, when originally written by Hoyt Axton, Jeremiah was a “prophet.” The 3 Dog Night didn’t care to sing about a prophet so they changed Jeremiah to a frog and recorded the sometimes nonsensical song. It seems that was a good decision as it went on to sell over 5,000,000 singles making it one of the biggest selling songs in history. So much for silly songs. 

Sorry that I went off on a tangent. This post is supposed to be all about wine, not amphibians. Time to show off my Vintage Wine Journals.

Lots and lots of rubber stamps

All the paper is tea dyed

Plenty of room for recording your mighty fine wine tastings
You can see the video HERE. And you can buy on of my fabulous Vintage Wine Journals when I open my Etsy store - Inside The Beehive. Hope to see you over there for the ribbon cutting ceremony. I will be serving some might fine wine!!!