Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Day Two

I love the husband but he does have a few foibles. One thing that drives me certifiably nuts is that more often than not, he doesn’t notice things I change in the house. I usually play a “hot and cold” game with him by telling him that something is different and have him try and guess what I changed. I would say his success rate is somewhere about 50%.

After a major remodel the husband’s bathroom is done, except for a few minor accessories. Last month I purchased a small succulent from Trader Jo’s that was perfect on the husband’s counter top but alas, it (the plant, not the counter top) died a slow painful death and I had been searching for something that could take its place.

I normally don’t like plastic cactus plants but my sister has one that she purchased from Amazon Prime and it fooled me, so I took a chance and ordered one for the husband’s bathroom. I am thrilled how realistic it looks and best of all, nothing can kill it. So, two days ago I placed it on the husband’s counter top. My thought was that if he liked the cactus I would add a favorite photo of his in a rustic frame to balance out the counter.

Does he like it you ask???? Well, TWO days have passed and he hasn’t noticed there is a new occupant in his bathroom. How is that even possible? And in case you’re wondering, no, I am not going to tell him about the cactus. Just going to wait and see how long it takes him to notice. My guess, it will be another 2 days.

Question – does your significant other notice changes you make?

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