Monday, May 7, 2012

Don't Hate Me Because I Am Beautiful!

Yes, peacocks are beautiful. On the other hand, the female of the peafowl species, the peahen, well she’s plain. Not ugly and plain, just plain. Period. The male has to be beautiful to attract the peahen, but if I was a peahen I would have nothing to do with Mr. Cock. Who does he think he is? Fanning his feathers and strutting around as if he was the star of a TV station.

I hate that as a female I feel the need for make-up in order to feel pretty. Ever wonder why there is no make-up for men? And don’t get me started on weight issues. Can you imagine a guy saying, “If only I could lose those 5 pounds!” Never happen!! 

The husband looks great with his gray hair, It makes him look distinguished, but if I ever missed my monthly hair appointment I couldn’t leave the house. Does he worry about hairy legs, armpits and excess hair spouting up? Nope, never lost a moments sleep over it.

One of my greatest fears was that I would have hairy legs, be in an accident and have to disrobe. The bad news is that it actually happened two years ago when I fell down a flight of stairs at work. The good news (if you can call it that) was that I was in so much pain that I didn’t care who saw my unshaved legs.   

This set of cards was made with handmade paper. I was going to fancy up the card but instead decided to pay homage to the pea, instead of the cock!

I would love to see a peacock or peahen with feathers of gold and purple. 

I left the inside blank, except for a tiny peacock head stamp I found in
the dollar bin at Joanne's. No fowl was harmed in the making of these cards!

In my limited research on peacocks, I read about a peacock that attacked a child at the San Diego Zoo. PLEASE do not share my blog post with any angry peacocks. I wrote the above post in jest. Promise. 


  1. I love peacock feathers!!! The purple and turquoise and irridescent greenish colors are just gorgeous to me! I LOVE THESE CARDS!!! You did a fantastic job!!!! :)

  2. I too have a deep fondness for the feathers! Your cards are awesome and you make a great point!!!

  3. Thanks ladies and so glad Martica that you won't hate me! BTW I always disliked that commerical.

  4. You made me laugh with this post. Lots of men with their distinguished salt and pepper hair do strut around...haha. If I let my hair go gray I think my kids would be shocked. Your cards are great.