Monday, May 28, 2012

Society of Addictive Scrapbook Syndromes (SASS) ??

  1. Exciting News!!!! I am starting a non-profit organization and the mission statement is done – To create a world where men and women can craft to their hearts content without having to distress over developing MOE, or one or more of the related diseases that are currently affecting Scrapbookers Worldwide.   
  2. Dr. J. Scrapman has graciously agreed to be on the Board of Directors. I am currently seeking other concerned men and women who are committed to helping us fulfill our mission. I have invited Mr. Tim Holtz, Ms. Teresa Collins, Ms. Jenni Bowlin and of course, Ms. Martha Stewart to sit on our Board of Directors. I am eagerly awaiting their response. 
  3. Since I need to pay a fee to legally form a NPO, I have decided to sell my first ever coffee sleeve album. It is a wonderful example of both TTS - Tiny Tag Syndrome - (21 tags in this baby!) and MAM - Mini Album Madness - (Coffee Sleeve, need I say more?). Pictures below and posted video HERE. Please spread the word because the sooner I have the money, the sooner there will be a cure.
  4. I have decided to hold a contest to come up with an official name for the organization. Currently, my top choice is Society of Addictive Scrapbook Syndromes or SASS for short. If however you have a better moniker, please enter your suggestion in the comment box below.  Winner will receive a gift certificate to a Treatment Center of choice. (I’m thinking either Michael’s or    
  5. Updated list of Scrapbook diseases include: Hostivirus, Nestablities Neurapathy, Credit Card Stenosis, Invasive Maybe Someday Disorder and Swapphrenia. Dr. Scrapbook has actual case studies of these related diseases of MOE and will be publishing them on this blog in the near future. 
  6. The winner of the courtesy retreat to The Patterned Paper Treatment Center is Kathy ScrapDaze. Sadly, she has decided to take the $25.00 Michael’s Gift Card instead of entering The Patterned Paper Treatment Center. We wish her luck. Kathy, please contact me at and send me your address.
My First, but not last, Coffee Sleeve Mini Album!!
I only have MAM Stage Two because I have "yet" to make a Paint Stick mini.

I used my Domestic Goddess Paper from Graphic 45 that I had
been hoarding stashing.  

I added a coin envelope on the right because I didn't have another coffee sleeve
and needed someplace to put two tags!

TAGS, TAGS and more TAGS!!! 

Got those flowers for $.30 at Mike's. Perfect price and perfect match!!

To see this Mini in its entirety, watch the video HERE. I am open to any offers so spread the word and let's give this baby a good home. And remember, this NPO is for YOU so let me know if you like the name. 


  1. ") can i join sass?

  2. I love the acronym "sass"...I think we all have a little sass in us.

  3. so awesome !!!

    Have a wonderful week

  4. This is Great!! I love it!!!

  5. I think SASS is a winner. Though I'm looking forward to hearing what others might come up with... there's no shortage of creativity among scrappers. :)

  6. Brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Great post, and love your mini album! I have done several tp mini albums, but never a coffee sleeve one yet; I hardly ever buy coffees when I'm out. I drink too much of it at HOME! As for paint sticks, I've never made anything with those yet either, but am intrigued with what ways we can alter them!.. TFS, and have a great weekend! ~tina

  8. that is really nice i like them cute