Monday, July 30, 2012

Sleepless in Seattle - NO! Sleepless in LA - YES!

Our visit to Seattle was short but sweet. I have fallen in love with salted caramels, which are apparently a Seattle specialty. Definitely head over heels and if you have never tasted a salted caramel let me warn you that they are addicting. I made a simple file-folder mini to fill with memories of our trip and although I haven't had time to complete it, the cover is done. You can view the video HERE.

The Purple Cafe was our favorite restaurant but their card is brown.
Go figure? It's Seattle!

We returned home with great anticipation of the delivery of our new, very expensive latex bed. Hate it! I spent Saturday night on the sofa and last night was the husband's turn. The salesman warned us that we would hate it at first. I thought he was being facetious so I didn’t ask him when we would start liking the bed. Can hate turn to love or is that just a bad romance novel plot?

I have said it before, but it deserves repeating. The best thing about blogging and all this YouTubing is making friends. I just received a very special surprise from SuperTinaFey. She viewed the video I had made about the Bird Flu and commented that unlike me, she didn’t own much bird crap. So, I sent her a paltry little RAK of tweety items. Imagine my surprise when I found a package from her in my mailbox. I will now have to rethink my relationship with birds because this tag is gorgeous. SuperTinaFey you rock girlfriend! Many, many thanks.
You can see the Bird Flu video HERE. If you watch it you will be under no obligation to send me a tag, but if you do, it will be greatly appreciated. LOL


  1. Can't wait to see inside of the File Folder mini.
    Bad news about the new bed - you might get used to it faster if you sleep on it! Wishing you a good nights sleep and lots of lovely bird tags!
    xx Michelle

  2. Last night was better - but I did take an Advil PM. Found this darling birdie holder thingy at Pier One that I am loving so I just might have to change the name of my new craft studio from "The Beehive" to "The Nest"! It's all Tina's fault!!!

  3. what a beautiful file folder!!!! sorry about the sleep :( I hope you like your new bed soon!

  4. oooo...yeah...just found your blog on blogspot thread. I am now a follower and am loving reading through your posts. I have just created a NEW blog over at Hope you will stop by and maybe become a follower.