Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The top 25 TAGS in history according to Wikipedia

1.      Pet tag, an ID tag worn by pets 
2.      Ear tag, an ID tag worn by farm animals 
3.      Dog tag (military), an ID tag worn by military personnel 
4.      Tag (game), a playground game 
5.      Tag out, a play in baseball 
6.      Tag team, a type of wrestling
7.      A QR code is a mobile phone tag
8.      Tag (metadata), an index term assigned to a piece of information
9.      Tag URI, a unique identifier protocol used in internet technologies
10.   Tag (programming), a method for passing parameters to subroutines
11.   TAG (BBS), a bulletin board software program
12.   HTML tag, a component of the HTML programming language
13.   Knowledge tag, a type of meta-information that captures knowledge about an information resource
14.   Revision tag, a label for a specific revision of a project
15.   Tag system, a deterministic computational model
16.   Tag (LeapFrog), an interactive reading device
17.   Tag question, a grammatical structure that converts a statement to a question
18.   Tag (Hebrew writing), a decoration drawn over some of the letters in Jewish scrolls
19.   Kimball tag, formerly used to identify products to a stock control system
20.   RFID tag, current stock control technology
21.   A label used in electronic article surveillance to prevent shoplifting
22.   Protein tag, a biochemistry method
23.   Skin tag, a small benign tumour
24.   Theoretical and Applied Genetics, a scientific journal


Made for a private swap with Pinkalicious!
I started with a sewn tag made by the talented Michelle in NZ.

Since I suffer from (SAF) Scrappers Avian Flu,
I decided to make a bird themed tag.
You can learn more about SAF HERE. Do you suffer from SAF?

The winner of the Enchanted Collection is Mariesporrong. Congratulations Marie! 


  1. These are gorgeous, love, love, love them!!

  2. Beautiful...especially the bird one. I can tell your heart was truly in that one :>)

  3. Yah so thrilled that you liked my sewn tags. Let me know when you need more!! Love what you did with it xxx Michelle

  4. Beautiful tag! Your work is amazing!

  5. this is just beautiful, Ellen! love it! have a great weekend! :)


  6. How lucky am I??? WoW! What a surprise!! Had to look up the collection, and it is great! Can be used too many things!!
    And beautiful angels and things! Thank you Ellen!!!
    How exaiting. :))) Your blogpost is great too! The altered tag should be higher up on the list, you should think. ;)
    Together with MH-tag, (must have tag) and TS-tag, (too small tag) and UMH-tag, (useless but must have tag) :))))
    Your tags looks great! Remember you can write any time you need to talk about your SAF problems. ;) Big hugs, Marie