Sunday, November 18, 2012

An Ode to Frank J. Wisner

The golden age of soda fountains began in the late 1800’s and lasted until the 1950’s. By the early 1920’s just about every drugstore had a soda fountain, a rather humble attempt to fill the social void due to prohibition. “The bar is dead, the fountain lives, and soda is king!”

Way back on a very hot summer day in 1893 Mr. Wisner, a Pharmacist with his own store in Colorado, ran out of ice. In an effort to sell his ice cream before it melted he started using the ice cream to cool the was an instant hit and the Root Beer Float was born.

Some choices regarding the Beehive were no brainers. Craft table – check, storage – check, flooring – check, paint colors – check etc. etc. etc. Only one thing caused me several sleepless nights - the bulletin board. I went back and forth and actually had 8 emails with a nice gal on Etsy regarding a custom BB for the Beehive. In the end I went with this….
I love the way it looks and I cannot wait to give it a taste!  
1.5 oz whipped cream vodka
1.5 oz Blackmaker Root Beer Liqueur
Club soda to top

Combine the ingredients in a rocks glass filled with crushed ice.
Stir well and serve chilled.

Update for Tanya – Sit down dear friend. It’s done!
 Harry & David approve and I hope so do you!
You can see the PEAR video HERE. Best to view with a Root Beer Float. Like, Love or Hate them? The float not the mini :-) A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!


  1. OH EM GEE!!!! :) I love it! Super, super cute!!! Thank you SO much!!! :)

    I also love your bulletin board, that will be SO handy in your space! And the drink recipe has just been jotted down, and a text to stop at the liquor store the The Hub will be sent momentarily. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, to you!

  2. Wow that board would be so useful! Very nice Ellen!