Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lost & Found - Memories

Have you ever totally forgotten a special memory and then you hear, see or even smell  something, and that memory comes flooding back? Had that happen to me just a few months ago.
A very nice and very talented gal on forum (Terrihooper) offered to mail out an envelope of Vintage S & H Green Stamps to whoever wanted them. Within seconds of reading her post it all came back to me - a favorite childhood memory that I had, until that very moment, forgotten all about.
I remember as if it was yesterday how my sisters and I would pour through the S & H catalogue arguing about whose turn it was to pick out their favorite gift item. Selecting that “free” item to redeem was the reward for the hours we spent licking stamps.
I wanted to make something a bit more special than a card with my stamps and when I saw this STAMP from VLVS I knew immediately what I would create.

The box is one from the $1.50 bin at Michael’s and the paper I used is from last years Crate paper line.  What made the whole craft come together though was the fabulous stamp from Viva Las Vegas Stamps.

Small Balsa Box
Patterned Paper
Mod Podge
Distress ink
Green Stamps
Washi Tape
VLVS Stamp

Remove the knob and elastic closure from the Balsa Box.
Paint the box inside and out.
Cover the lid, the bottom of the box and the inside bottom with paper.
Ink the box with TH Distress Ink to give it a vintage look.
Using Mod Podge, paint a thin layer over the entire box, both inside and outside.
Stamp one S & H Green Stamp on paper.
Decorate with Washi Tape, Green Stamps, Flowers and your VLVS stamped image.

PS – The very last gift I got with my stamps was a cuckoo clock. Obviously I was suffering from a bad case of glue poison.


  1. So cute Ellen! My mom used to save those and I helped paste them in the little books.

  2. Really Pretty love it hugs Terrie

  3. Love it. What a fabulous place to store your collectable stamps!! xx Michelle

  4. This box is absolutely gorgeous.

  5. LOVE it EllenBee!!! I remember helping my mother stick the stamps into the books yes we had something simular here in the uk too!
    TFS hugs Alyson xxxx

  6. Oh I remember licking all those stamps too. Can't remember what we got with them though. Probably something to match our orange or avocado 70's decor.

  7. Hey there Ellen! Beautiful little box :D