Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston, Baseball and Apple Pie

The first time I went to Boston was during the summer of 1963. My sister and I stayed overnight at the MIT dorms, then drove to Rockport, about an hour from Boston, for some good old fashioned partying, the way we did it back then – beer, cigarettes and make out sessions. It was during the time when the Boston Strangler was terrorizing the city and although I felt very safe in the dorms, that one night in Rockport was eight continuous hours of nightmares. Even so, I had a wonderful time visiting that enchanted little town.   

Last weeks tragedy affected us all. When the husband suggested I make a Boston Mini Album I immediately put aside my current project, the Vintage Airplane Journal, and created this Tribute to Boston and Baseball.

 I used a simple manila file folder, vintage images from Google
and one precious sheet of Boston Scrapbook Paper.
 The stamp of the Boston Baseball Player is from Artistic Outpost.
 The small Vintage Toy Baseball Player is from VLVStamps.

You can read about my Second Trip to Boston HERE.  And FYI, I now take all my own photos for The Womens Waiting Room with my Birthday present from the husband.  

Have you ever been to Boston? If you'd like to share, I'd love to hear how the bombing affected your life. Peace and love to Boston!


  1. GORGEOUS!!!! Everything you used was just PERFECT!! I am still just in awe over all your projects, Ellen!!!! :) I've never been to Boston, but would love to be a tourist up and down the East Coast sometime.

  2. I LOVE your project! Sadly, I've never been to Boston. I was planning to take my 5th grade students on a New York City / Boston trip that would take place over spring break in 2002. We booked the trip and started fundraising... and then 9/11 happened and we canceled the trip. I hope to make it to Boston someday.

  3. Ellen,
    Love your tribute. On the day of the bombing 2 or our childen were in Boston. Son (lawyer) works in Copley Square. I thought he'd stay home because of the crowds, but he had too much to do & went in to work. Very scary. Daughter lives near Fenway but had taken 30 preschoolers to the Marathon. They arrived back at the daycare at 2:30. Very scary. Son lives in Cambridge (1 block from the 2 brothers). Daughter left her "shelter in dorm" on Thursday because the daycare she works at part-time (full time student that wasn't doing student teaching because it was school vacation) takes care of doctors' children & she knew that they'd need to be at work. It was a horrible week for those of us that live in Massachusetts on so many levels. Personally - much too close.