Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Broken Wing

1964 will go down in history as the year The Beatles invaded the United States . I proudly owned every one of their albums and worshipped their music as if it was my religion. With each album I had a favorite song that I would play incessantly until the record was scratched with wear. With the White Album, released in 1968, that song was Blackbird. The line – take these broken wings and learn to fly - resonated with me. I listened to that song through break-ups with boyfriends, bad grades and fights with my parents. 

When I started this spring project for May Arts Ribbons, I knew I wanted to do a bird theme. Going through my avian ephemera I found a resin wing that I had received from an angel whose name I have long forgotten. I was so disappointed when I found it broken, but decided to use it as is. 

I hope my project inspires you to never give up, even if your wings are broken.

This little box is wrapped with love and May Arts Ribbons. 
The broken wing sits on top of a burlap nest - Dream on!
 The paper line is from Kaiser Craft Secret Bird Society -
I bought it solely because of the name.
Did you love the Beatles? Have a favorite song?



  1. Beautiful project and I love the message. If I had to pick a song it would be Hey Jude. That song takes me back to when I was little. My brother use to play it all the time and did a beautiful trumpet solo of it.

  2. AS soon as you said the song titles I started to sing along with you as I read!! Love the message and the divine creation. AS always a day with a story from The Ellen Bee is a good day!! xx Michelle

  3. Ellen,
    Did you cover a box with burlap or did it come like that? I love the salmon ribbon with the mint green papers ~ This would be a wonderful wedding gift for a happy couple. I keep scrolling back to admire the color combinations. Love it! Beatles song ... hmmmm I don't think I have a favorite, but my youngest daughter (age 13) is going to play Yellow Submarine as a clarinet solo in the Spring concert. The Beatles live on!

  4. hi miss ellen bee, i like that line too...take these broken wings and learn to fly...but in a mr. mister song from the 80's! i did not know it was originally from the beatles, lol! very pretty project, love the nest :) great message too. as always thanks for sharing. laura lulu
    p.s. no matter how many times i try, i can not get google to put my name on messages it is always my daughters??? so i have to go anonymous or use her name. sorry

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