Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Circus Love Story - Jillian Rose Bailey and Vinni Bombo

I don’t know the whole story, only what I have been able to piece together through letters, post cards and my imagination.

The year was 1924 and the place was Hargrove Oaks, Ohio. Her name was Jillian Rose Baily and she was  a school girl living at home with her family. His name was Vinni Bombo and he came to town with the circus.

What brought the two together we will never know but it was their destiny to meet and fall in love. Jillian Rose was in the audience every night they performed and Vinni introduced her to all his fellow performers. When the circus left they wrote to each other.

I found this box tucked away in an old sewing box under a tray of threads at the thrift shop.
The mere fact that Jillian Rose kept his letters means that she never forgot Vinni or her love for him. We'll nver know why she never shared the story with any of her family. But had she done that they never would have given this away.
Inside this box is a story of love and loss.

Cabinet Card Photos of Vinni's fellow performers.

Post Cards from Vinni
The locket with a photo of her true love - Vinni Bombo
Don't worry Jillian Rose, Vinnie's letters are safe with me. And with Debbie at Ephemera's Vintage Garden.  You can view the entire Garden Carnival Collection HERE. 
For more about this 1924 Circus Love Story, including the letters Vinni wrote, check out THE VIDEO HERE.

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  1. Wow. I just saw your video, and that is one amazing box, full of really amazing artifacts. I can't believe you managed to make it so effective -- I was totally blown away by the cabinet cards.

    Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us.