Monday, July 15, 2013

No Missing Ingredients

I have never done a tutorial because I am not a teacher at heart. My younger sister taught for 30 years and loves it. Me, although I once taught a 6 week vegetarian cooking class that was so popular it was featured in the local paper, I am actually the kind of gal who flies by the seat of her pants. I hate writing down measurements so rarely do my homemade dishes ever taste the same.

So why did I film a tutorial now you might ask? It’s because of the urban myth of the infamous missing ingredient. According to the legend, a homemaker used to make fabulous pies and everyone wanted her recipe, which she willing gave out to anyone who requested it. Hundreds if not thousands of folks attempted to duplicate her tried and true recipe and yet not one person succeeded in making a pie as delicious as hers. There was always something missing but no one could ever figure it out.

Have you figured out why? It’s because she left out one key ingredient…no, it wasn’t a mistake on her part, it was deliberate.

Here is my tutorial on how to alter a mini composition book, including my key ingredients:
Sandpaper and Wax Paper

Add 1 mini composition book and sandpaper cover.
Slip in wax paper and slap on mod podge. 
Cover with Garden Carnival  digital paper from Ephemera's Vintage Garden.
A feather, seam binding, stamp, cabinet card and a pinch of Stickles
Mix together well

Decorate with Circus Journaling Cards and enjoy!!

See, I told you I wasn't much of a teacher. To see a slightly better tutorial on how I make my mini composition books, with the secret ingredients, watch my tutorial HERE. Let's talk tutorials. Do you make or watch them on YouTube? Who are your favorite teachers?  


  1. This is lovely! I love watching tutorials! I usually just search for one thing and end up watching a slew of them that come up along the side!

  2. hi miss ellen bee! oh man, i love everything about the vids you do, the stories and such are priceless! i thought you did a fabulous tutorial, defintely an "A". i watch them and do them (although i have made only one on youtube) feel very confident and comfortable about doing them. i have taught all forms of scrapbooking for many many years. the largest group of ladies was about 50+! i plan ahead in outline form what points i need to cover and then go from there. my biggest problem about doing them is space and time frame, i don't have room to do them in my craft room, so it has to be elsewhere and the time frame comes into play when i have to do them elsewhere it has to be minus my 5 kids!! usually late at night! my favorite teachers? hmmm...i think ginger at mysistersscrapper does a really good job. i think you should do tutorials! laura lulu-

  3. always enjoy your videos!! could you tell me where you purchase the little bags to keep the books in? thanks and keep up the good work! yvonne

  4. Oh Ellen Bee...your YouTube video was wonderful, as all your videos are. I love to craft, but can't seem to figure out the technical part of creating videos. One day maybe! HUGS!

  5. Ellen, I am new to crafting, was wondering what Rac means, do other crafters send you things? Cindy