Friday, January 3, 2014

Bucket List Update

Last year I did this major Bucket List Project which you can see HERE. The one and only thing I managed to accomplish was to visit Ikea. Had a wonderful time but was hoping to be able to cross off one more thing before the year ended. 

Figured both the Hot Air Balloon trip and the Jane Austen Tour weren’t likely to happen, so I aimed for something a little less romantic and a little less expensive.  

So, without further ado…on December 31st I pushed the button marked Open My Store and Inside The Beehive was born.

The husband and I toasted both the New Year and my New Shop with champagne and I spent New Year’s Day photographing, writing and the inevitable comparing my shop with the thousands of other shops that sell the same things that I do. So how do I compare you might ask? I asked the same thing in the Etsy Forums and it seems my About Page, Photographs and SEO’s (these are searchable words) are okay.

The problem is that I don’t have the preferred 100 items for sale. I currently only have 17. But the good news is that 17 is my lucky number.

If you have a moment please stop on BUY…I mean BY Inside The Beehive and take a look around. I promise you the bees are friendly and won’t sting.

Do you sell on Etsy or any of their competitors? If so, please share. Happy 2014!

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  1. I have been missing your YouTube videos and blog posts. But look what you've been up to!! I think creating 17 lovely items is a big effort; your new shop is full of perfectly EllenBee goodies. Congratulations. Charlotte