Sunday, April 20, 2014

Keep Calm and Iron On

During the 1950’s, if your clothes weren’t wool, then they probably needed ironing. Gladys, a lovely African-American gal, would come to our house 3 times a week to help my mother with cleaning with one day totally devoted to ironing. Our basement was typical for the era, knotty pine walls, rattan furniture with tropical flower cushions, an ironing board and a radio to keep Gladys company. I can close my eyes and remember the sound of the hissing iron, the smell of freshly laundered sheets and the joyous sound of Gladys singing.

Tony, the husband, irons his own shirts. He’s lucky or rather I am because ironing shirts was not part of the marriage contract. Ironing Tea Dyed Parchment Paper on the other hand is something I happily did for my latest Journal.
 The Key to My Heart has grown up. No longer is it just a 3 ½” x 5” Journal,

 It's 5" x 7"!!

 I used parchment paper, which works wonderfully for journaling.

The page count quadrupled,
from 25 to 100

I developed a personal relationship with the Parchment Paper after spending so many hours with it.
  1.  CUT 100 sheets of paper
  2. TEA DYE 100 sheets of paper
  3. IRON 100 sheets of paper
  4. INK 100 sheets of paper
  5. PUNCH HOLES in 100 sheets of paper
Although the grown up version of Key To My Heart took me much longer to create than I expected, I like to think that more time equals more love. This is a custom order but I plan to add this to my Etsy shop Inside The Beehive. Think I need Gladys!!!!


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  1. Beautiful journal. Hope you are doing well. I haven't stopped by your blog in a while. Looks like you have done some beautiful projects. Love your Etsy shop. Happy ironing.
    Cindy Lou