Thursday, May 15, 2014

Joys of the Job

I rarely post about my 9-5 job, but as many of you know, I am an Event Specialist for a local non-profit organization. What that means in simple terms is that I put on parties, from  screenings at big movie studios to luncheons at swanky Beverly Hills hotels.

I also have the privilege of coordinating an Annual Miniature Golf Tournament ,which is just around the corner. It 's amazing how much fun a group of grown ups can have dressing up, playing putt-putt, eating pizza and playing games in an arcade. That includes me too!

As a professional fundraiser the gifts I receive are for the organization, not me personally. So imagine my surprise when last month I received two gifts from donors. It was Christmas in April in my cubicle and the thoughtfulness made me a bit weepy.
The first was from this extraordinary group of ladies called The Motion Picture Mothers. This organization started 75 years ago and each and every mom has a child who has been in the entertainment business.

These ladies are as gracious as they are generous and as a token of appreciation gave me this whimsical golden sunflower.
The sparkly Bee is on a spring and this Bee feels like jumping for joy when wearing this beautiful broach.
The second gift was from a lovely lady who had recently traveled to London. I had shared with Martha that on my Bucket List is to one day take the British Jane Austen Tour.  

I am enamored with the chapter titles and can't wait to read
the book from cover to cover.

The book is wonderful and that she also included the Bumble Bee wax seal brought me such joy that this Bee went into honey overload.
After receiving such thoughtful gifts I had to create some very special thank you cards. This is the card I made for Martha.  You can see other cards I made HERE. 
 A quote from a Jane Austen novel.

Two questions this time. When was the last time you played miniature golf? And, what was the last surprise gift you received?

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  1. It's been a long time on both your questions ... but isn't is so nice when you are surprised by those that appreciate you! :) ((hugs))