Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baseball Goes Regency

Just because my newest scrapbook paper acquisition is called Dear Jane, it doesn't mean the paper is restricted for girly girls. I decided to try my hand at making something masculine and used the husband's favorite colors - green/gold - for inspiration. Just in case you're curious, it's because those are the colors of the Oakland A's Baseball Team.

I started with a tiny ring box which is only 2 1/2" w x 1 3/4" h x 2 1/4" d.

Next I removed the hardware, put it in a plastic sandwich bag and then added a few squirts of caramel Alcohol Ink.
I painted the inside/outside of the box with olive green paint. When dry I painted it lightly with an off white paint. I then sanded it down and used TH Scattered Straw on the corners for a real vintage look.
Then I then used three of the Dear Jane papers to line the inside, bottom and top. I attached the hardware and layered the top.
The finished Gentleman's Ring Box.   
I have to be honest and share with you that the husband thought it would have looked better with a  baseball player on the top instead of one of Jane's Fictional characters.  
I told him that he was my Mr. Darcy, gave him a kiss and that made him happy. Have you made something recently for YOUR Mr. Darcy? If so, please share.

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