Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hourly Wage?

I like baseball. My husband loves baseball. True story - Tony once told me that when he died the thing he would miss the most would be baseball. I didn't take offense because he was drinking a martini at the time and his team - Oakland A's - were winning. Over the years I have made him all kinds of baseball notebooks and journals. Matter of fact, my best selling baseball journal, in my Etsy shop, was created because Tony wanted a way to record every game he attended.

Yesterday, the plumber came out to fix my shower. He's not only a nice guy but coincidentally has a  cousin who is a professional baseball player. It took the plumber less than an hour and the cost to fix my shower was around $100.00. It was worth it and I have no complaints.
I just listed a baseball journal and when I had to enter in the price I figured with the cost of the book ($$), Etsy fees + my time I was making less than $10 an hour. I know I have gone around in circles, but the ending of this story is that it really isn't about the money. My husband loves baseball and I love crafting. It's not about the dollars, but about the smiles...and when his team is losing, the tears. I hope you are doing something you love. 

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  1. You always make me smile... do what you have to do to make people smile and replenish your heart with love. I know I've been away, had too much life stuff that takes away the smiles.