Tuesday, June 20, 2017


There is a long standing debate among experts as to whether the fear of the number 13 is a phobia or a superstition. In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter what you call it since the fear, which has been around since medieval times, holds a legitimate role in our everyday life. According to Otis Elevators 85% of their elevators do not have a 13th floor button. Many airlines omit the 13th row and even some cities skip over 13th Street. Blame it all on Triskaidekaphobia.

The one place where the number 13 is considered lucky is in Italy. And lucky for me, the husband is 32% Italian. Last week we celebrated our 13th anniversary so I made a list of the 13 reasons why I love the husband - in no particular order.

1. He tells me I am beautiful
2. He is generous
3. He loves my daughter
4. He never kills bugs, even spiders
5. He makes me laugh
6. He irons his own shirts
7. He vacuums the house
8. He doesn’t complain when I don’t make dinner
9. He is proud of my accomplishments
10. He takes care of me when I am sick
11. He trusts me to make decisions for the two of us
12. He lets me park my car in the garage
13. He still buys me flowers

Marriages are hard work. Happy marriages are even harder. Here's to the next lucky 13 years!


  1. Congrats on 13 happy years! We celebrated our 13th in May!

  2. Congratulations back at you! Must share I got mad at the husband soon after I posted. But I quickly forgave him after re-reading my post. Think we all should write down why we love our partner at least once a year!