Monday, June 26, 2017

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

For as long as we have owned our house the front door had been painted a medium dark blue. Because it just blended in with the grey/blue house color, over the years I had tried to liven things up with colorful wreathes and lots of friendly flowers. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to help the bland curb appeal. A few weeks ago I happened upon an article on the internet about front door colors and their hidden meanings. “Blue front doors have a calming effect associated with stability and trust.” In other words - boring.

A reformed hippie, my email address is so this passionate gal decided to repaint our front door. In my search for the perfect front door color I found a quiz on HGTV where you answer a few simple questions and it will determine what color reflects your personality. Not too surprising this is the results of my quiz.

Your color is lemon!

You like your home to be bright, cheery and full of energy and this
perfect shade of yellow accomplishes all that and more.

I say not too surprising because my first car was yellow, my bedroom is painted yellow and I love yellow taxis. Further proof that yellow was the right color was that a yellow door says you are creative, have a positive attitude and are a morning person. YES. YES. YES.
What color is your front door?

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