Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Journey

I am forever a Jersey girl at heart and had been looking forward to seeing the film Paterson, which is both the main character's name and the  New Jersey city where the film takes place. Paterson is an independent film which received a 96% on Rotten Tomato and is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. The reviews that I read on Amazon - “Total Disappointment”, “Monotonic”, “Very Boring” and Pointless” are just a few of the comments from verified purchasers. 
I on the other hand loved this film, could be the best film I have seen all year, but I understand why so many misunderstood this film. There is no overt conflict. It’s not a story, but a portrait of a man experiencing the beauty of a simple life. And that can be boring in a society where life with the constant chatter of a cellphone is the opiate of the masses.

Paterson is also about dreams. We are brought up believing that our life, like a fictional fairy tale, will have a happily ever after ending. What this film reinforces is that it is not the ending, but the journey that brings us happiness. Paterson was more than just being a positive person, he was a man who could see joy in the everyday. He loved, went to work, observed the lives of folks without interacting and didn’t need more to be happy.
Makes me wonder how much I need to be happy. Yesterday I spent the day with my two sisters. We bonded over shopping and lunch. I lived as if I was Paterson and it was enough.

I understand this movie and I will take Paterson with me on my journey.


  1. How are you? I miss you on YouTube and I noticed your Etsy shop is closed. I hope you are well. Just wanted you to know that you were missed.

  2. Dear Unknown,
    Thank you for your sweet comment and your concern. Short story is that for several years I suffered from parathyroid problems and in late April underwent surgery. Had to shut down everything but now feeling so much better that I am actually planning on reopening my Etsy shop. I love how strangers can impact my life in such a positive way! Again, thanks and BIG time hugs.