Monday, June 11, 2012

Leaked - Actual transcript from a strategic meeting held on February 22, 1984 at XXXXX Company Headquarters.

Location – Conference Room

Attendees: John S. CEO/President, Ken T. Consumer Product Manager, Henry H. Agency New Business Development Specialist, Tom B. Marketing Director, Tony S. Creative Director, Bill M. Chief Marketing Officer

John: It is estimated that in the next 20 years the scrapbook industry will top over 2.5 billion dollars annually. Our company is looking to become a leader in this emerging industry. I have brought you gentlemen here today to brainstorm ideas for cashing in on this Paper Phenomena. I know none of you are directly involved with scrapbooking, but you are all experts at creating a need when none exists. These women are smart, so our task is to bombard them with advertising, coupons and free shipping. Henry -

Henry: Our demographics - The average scrapbooker is a college graduate who spends up to 10 hours a week scrapbooking. She spends roughly $50 on scrapbook products each month and we expect that number to increase exponentially.

John: Thank you Henry. The floor is now open. Ideas gentlemen?

(Silence for 1 minute. The sound of coughs, clearing of voices, pencil tapping and the clink of coffee cups.)

Henry: Come on guys, I know you aren’t involved with crafts, but you understand consumer buying trends.


Tom: I was at Home Depot over the weekend…

Ken: Good place to start. What is there at Home Depot that we can copy/adapt and then charge outrageous prices for?

Bill: We could copy some of the small things, like washers, drawer pulls and Hinges?

Tom: We could paint them pink?

Bill: What if this scrapbooking gal is doing a project in red? Or blue? Will they be able to use something pink?

Tom: I thought pink was a universal color for girls.

(Laughter and sound of writing on blackboard)

Henry: Washers, drawer pulls, hinges…

Ken: Keys? Chain? Wire?

John: Tony? You're rather quiet. What’s wrong?

Tony: I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Henry: The store is a smorgasbord for us.

Tony: Really guys, do you actually believe these intelligent ladies will want to add hardware to their favorite photos of …let’s say their deceased grandparent?

Bill: My grandfather had a huge garage filled with all kinds of hardware. I think he would have loved it…to be memorialized with hardware.


Paul: My grandmother was always crocheting blankets. We could do something that is crocheted?

Ken: My aunt had those crocheted things on her furniture. Dollies…Doilies?

Tom: What about crocheted flowers?

Henry: Yes to flowers, but no to crochet. Too old-fashioned.

John: Yeah, I agree. The basics are that they will NEVER go for junk store stuff. We’re not about to break into this industry with cracked paint and vintage paper products. They are preserving photos so they don’t age. Think modern.


Tom: I need to place an order at Office Depot…just a thought.

Henry: Office Supplies, good. Forget about hardware. I’m erasing this list. Let’s talk paper clips, staples and file folders

There is much more to the transcript. The meeting lasted several hours and this was just the first 15 minutes. If you‘d like to read more, become a Follower so you don’t miss the next installment. 

 No photo of my grandfather but I have 3 "washers" on this card.
And Tom B., there's no pink!

Mike's stamp from the "old-fashioned" dollar bin.

Have you made anything lately using hardware? If so, please share. 


  1. Love it - another fabulous blog and a divine card!! xx Michelle

  2. Thank you Michelle! BTW do you either like pink or use hardware in your crafting?

  3. This is too funny! And the sad thing is, you just know it most likely part true. Some marketing genius has figured out that we scrappers are a little like magpies, if it's small and shiny and we can hoard it in our scrap rooms, we are all over it. I know... ask me how many colorful paper clips I have. Or ask me why I stood gazing longingly at the new line of yellow binder clips and paper clips at Target. Because heaven knows, the 5 colors of binder clips (in two different sizes) that I'm currently stock piling is not enough.

  4. Windy, I too have every color paper clip available and rarely do I use them. Thankfully I don't have the binder clip disease but I think a trip to Target is in order. Thank YOU for the giggles :-)

  5. Can't wait for the next installment!!! :)

  6. Love, love, love the story and the card, can't wait to hear more. Hey, let me know more about the fall swap it sounds like fun!! :D

  7. LOL! Oh Ellen, thank you for the laughs, as usual!! Nailed this right on the head....honestly, I've found SO many things that if you buy them under the label of what they were originally designed for (ie; hardware, or organization/storage bins) they're relatively cheap, but smart marketers take the EXACT SAME ITEM and label it "FOR SCRAPBOOKING" and then up the price by 300%! Lately I've gotten wise to their tricks and have found amazing finds at places like Menards (especially for storage) and Lowe's (for hardware) and OfficeMax. (BTW, I too have paperclips in every color imaginable....but can't remember last time I used them! But I HAD to have them!!) Thanks again for making me smile! :)

  8. I sooo LOVE this...FAB BLOG!! I do A LOT of masculine projects and I use washers, gears, etc. in much of my work. None of which have any pink anywhere...LOL. I just finished an altered show box and again, NO PINK!!! I too have loads of paper clips in many colors, but do not use very often. Looking forward to next installment. Beautiful Card!!! Hugz:) Taylor