Saturday, June 23, 2012

BEACHES - Not the Movie

When I was growing up in New Jersey my family would regularly head to Asbury Park for weekend jaunts to the beach. I love that even now, some 50 plus years later, I can close my eyes and recall dancing in the waves with my sisters. The air thick with the smell of salt as sticky as the famous taffy and the musical beat of running on the boardwalk awakens memories in me that remind me of the freedom I felt as a child.

And then my older sister Elaine ruined not only my love of the beach, but my entire life, with just a few sentences!!!!!

We were sitting on the sand, under the hot summer sun, when she turned to me and in a very serious voice warned me that at any moment I could die. Fear gripped me tightly and I stopped breathing as she pointed to the water line and continued, “See the horizon? During a Title Wave the water recedes as far as one can see and then one WAVE, as tall as the Empire State Building, will come crashing down on you!" She paused here for a moment and then added rather nonchalantly, "and you'll drown and your body will never be found!" I barely remember what happened next, but it involved lots of tears and to this day a phobic fear of Title Waves and Tsunamis.

Making this mini was a safe way to enjoy the beach.

Graphic 45 On the Boardwalk, Mike's $1.50 mini and K&Co. chipboard

I obviously have a bad case of Mini Album Madness (MAM),
why else would I have the need to make a mini of a fish?

I'm embarrassed to say there are only 15 tags but in my defense,
I made this before I developed a full blown case of Tiny Tag Syndrome (TTS).

That's me in my 1940's bathing suit.

Let's talk fish, phobias and sisters. Have any stories to share? Click HERE to see Beaches the movie, directed by the husband and starring EllenBee.

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  1. Gorgeous Beach mini! I love G45 papers and you used these so creatively!!

    When I was younger we went to see the movie Jaws! and the man behind my brother and I startled us both right at the scene when the shark attacks, hence I hate the beach/ocean, rather swim in the pool! We have lots of shark sighting along the coast :(

  2. What a great lookin' album! I love the fish shape!

    And I love imagining the look of horror on your face as your sister explains the terror of a TITLE wave! lol

    I have a beach phobia, myself. Actually, more of a sand phobia.

    A few years (wow, almost SIX years ago) I was living in Melbourne, Australia. My ex-fiancee scared the hell out of me by telling me that: "Yeah, let's go to the beach, but we can't go out on the sand- we have to stay on the road. Because addicts shoot up on the beach at night, and they hide their needles in the sand."

    SO- I never walked on the beach. And I don't think I'll ever be able to go near sand again.
    Even though I know it's crazy, I can't do it-


    1. What an awful thing for her to tell you!!

  3. DO NOT watch the film Open Water. It is the scariest film I have ever seen. Between Title Waves, Tsunamis, sharks and curly hair that frizzes when it gets wet, I stay as far away from the ocean as possible.

  4. Gorgeous mini! I love the beach but never want to stay on the ground floor due to tidal waves! lol

  5. Well Ellen - I too have irrational fears but not of waves! Sadly I think I might have been the sister who instilled fear in her younger sibling - still trying to make up for it - she appears to bear no grudges! Love your art, love your blog, love your You Tube, love your outlook on life.

  6. This is an amazing mini album. All of your elements.. the detailing.. just amazing!I love that its the shape of a fish too! Just beautiful.. thanks so much for sharing.. and your story LOL Brings back memories of my older sister torturing me with things she told me as well LOL

  7. and here I thought you were going to say she yelled "SHARK"!!!


    love the mini album!!

  8. Oh my, poor you! Did your sister tell you lots of scary stories about other things as well? Goodness, Your mini sure did turn out darling though! I love the beach, but since it is so far away from Michigan, I hang out at lakes. :) Would love a chance to win a prize, thanks for the chance!!!

  9. I'm an only child, so no sister stories from me. I live close to the beach, but I'm scared of water...well, I'm scared of drowning :>) I like to fish, but haven't done it in years. However, your blog was fun to read and your mini turned out great. So far I'm not into minis, but I'm sure my time is coming!

  10. Trying to imagine, really, why would someone want to instill such a fear in her sister. Not cool!! I have a horrible fear of drowning, but its because I almost did as a child. Your mini is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Such beautiful colors and it has a nice vintage feel. I'm diggin your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your creativity. Hugz:) Taylor

  11. Hi Ellen...I just love all of Graphic 45 paper vibrant of colors to work with...your fish mini is cleverly detailed with all (15) tags..just darling! So much FuN...who cares that you don't like fish!

  12. love this album, but where is the blog candy promised on I have just one question, does he do tile?

  13. Hello there, that's a beautiful mini album!

  14. Love your fish mini. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Mary