Thursday, March 21, 2013

Working in My Maidenform Bra

The minute I saw this Typewriter Stamp it brought to mind a nail biting, edge of your seat episode of Downton Abbey.
It was very scandalous when Gwen, just a simple housemaid, decides that she no longer wants to work “in service.” Secretly, (shhhh don’t breathe a word) she saves her meager wages, goes on eBay and buys a typewriter. Horror of horrors - when her typewriter is discovered by the evil Miss O'Brien (can’t believe she isn’t coming back for season 4), the evil rhymes-with-witch informs the whole world (twitter, facebook and email) about Gwen's plan to become a (GASP!) secretary. What follows is the cause of much discussion/distress/angst above and below the Downton Abbey stairs. But no need to fret my dears, for Lady Sybil comes to the rescue (thank the writers) and the episode ends happily ever after for Gwen, as she wins a position at a telephone firm (hey, it’s better than emptying chamber pots.)  Unfortunately, there was no happily ever after for the actress who played Gwen. She lost her job. 
Had a ball making this easy-peasy mini. Graphic 45 did all the hard work. All I did was cut and paste.
Front closed - notice the typewriter charms? 
Cover uncovered
Me at work - NOT

Gladys and I agree
Typed with Mellow-Yellow
Back cover with all the extras

You can view the Working in My Maidenform Bra Movie HERE.  This mini is for sale so if you know a secretary who is looking for something special - please let her know. Owning a Maidenform Bra is not a requirement.


  1. Ellen ~
    I love this mini ALMOST as much as I enjoy Downton Abbey. For me - it's about the furnishings, clothing & hairstyles ... but your fabulous mini is great! Thanks so much for sharing ~Kim

  2. Super cute and a horror story too. Going to work in your bra!! It looks like some typewriter action in the photo - have you got your new toy?? xx Michelle

  3. I love this! And the at work in the maidenform pic has had me cracking UP for about five minutes. Too funny! I love old ads!

  4. Is this still for sale? If so, I would love to purchase it! Thanks!

    1. Nancy, It already has a new home. If you are interested in a custom mini or journal just drop me a line at Right now I am working on a retro sewing mini. It's sew sweet. Big hugs!!