Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adventures in IKEAVILLE

#1 on my Bucket List was to visit IKEA.

Since my local store has plans to close in the next few years it was important to put a visit to IKEA on the top of my list. The reason they will be closing this so-called-small 242,000 square foot store is because they have plans to replace it with the largest IKEA in the United States. It will be nearly twice as large and will be able to house 10,000 items!

Although it wasn’t on her Bucket List, I managed to coerce drag convince Rhonda to tag along with me. I was giddy with excitement and as you can view below, we documented this momentous occasion for perpetuity.
We oohed ad aahed over everything. Tops on my Wish List were the pots of pretend sage plants, the doily-like tin ware and vast selection of storage bins. I did a lot of putting items in my cart and then returning them to the shelves because the only thing I really needed was a bar stool for the Beehive. I was afraid that everything would be too contemporary but the moment I found INGOLF at $59.99 I fell deeply, madly in love.

Gotta admit that this vegetarian was tempted to try a bite of their Swedish
meatballs but was happy to dine on their vegetarian crepes.

After a quick reprise we continued our colorful tour.
 Rhonda found an adorable white plastic bin and although she had no idea where it would go or what would go into it, she felt she couldn’t leave the store without buying something, so in the cart it went.

The only hiccup on our journey was finding my little black Yaris in the massive parking structure. I must have walked a mile in my search, which was fine because I managed to walk off the cinnamon bun calories that called to both of us as we left the store.

The unopened chair-in-a-box has found a new home. No, not the Beehive. It has joined the corner in our dining room, next to the unopened box that houses my sewing machine. 


  1. Congrats on knocking this off your Bucket List. IKEA is awesome. I can't even imagine what the largest IKEA in the US would be like. You'll have to return once its built and give a full report.

  2. oh what fun! looks like an enjoyable day. good for you :) maybe you can visit the largest too when it opens just for laughs! thanks for sharing your bucket adventure with us. laura lulu

  3. I cannot WAIT to go to an IKEA. We've passed by the one in Dallas twice, but haven't had enough time for me to properly spend there. We need to just spend the entire DAY there ... :) Love this! :)

  4. Had a blast checking this off your bucket list! I am using my bin for my laces and trims at the moment. Got it right next to me at my crafting table. I may want to buy a few more and still want to go there with Rennie. I can't believe that barstool is still in the box! LOL!!! Do I have to come over there with my toolbox and put it together for you? I will you know! Great blog and loved the pics! Please send me copies! Luv ya lots - Rhonda Lee