Monday, September 9, 2013

Bucket List Mini-Mini Swap

Hope you gals are ready for an easy peasy one-on-one swap that I promise you can be completed in an afternoon! And it’s fun! And it’s cheap! Hope I have whetted your  appetite for the EllenBee’s Bucket List Swap over at Your Paper Pantry HERE. Link to join will be up soon!!

No big, fat, fabulous journal this time ladies, just a teeny-tiny meandering album. Don’t know what that is? Roxy made the absolutely best video tutorial so head over HERE for a look. It’s basically just one sheet of double sided 12” x 12” patterned paper folded and folded and folded again until you have this absolutely darling mini-mini.

Your task will be to make one of these cuties for your partner and then create a page for each of her top 5 Bucket List items. The rest of the mini will be left blank so that she can add to her list at her leisure. You will have total creative freedom to choose the paper and to embellish to your hearts desire. The only thing the two of you will exchange will be your 5 top Bucket List items and each
others address.

I did one for the husband so that you can SEE how simply adorable this project is!

Backpack at 70  
Learn how to play the guitar
Visit every single Baseball Stadium
Go to Italy

Check out the video HERE!!!
If you are new to Your Paper Pantry the cost to join is $12 per year. AND for the first few swaps you will be on probation - sort of. Anyone new to YPP will be partnered up with another newbie for this swap. There are a few rules like checking in once a week but like the project, it's all easy-peasy! Hope to see you at YPP!!!

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