Sunday, September 29, 2013

Goal - Open an Etsy Store by October 1, 2013

My Etsy Store To-Do List

     1. Come up with a name – Inside the Beehive   
     2. Design banner - Done!
     3. Make 100  UNIQUE  items

New Goal – Open store by December 1st

  1. Write 100 OUTSTANDING descriptions
            New Goal – Open store by February 1, 2014
     5. Take 5  FABULOUS photos of each item = 500 photos
           New Goal - Open store by April 1, 2014
     6. Create 13  WONDERFUL tags for each item = 1300 tags
          New Goal – Open store by June 1, 2014

     7.  Join several Teams on Etsy and participate daily on the Forums
  1. Write short DELIGHTFUL “About me” for store
  2. Write EASY TO UNDERSTAND shipping policies
  3. Activate Facebook Account
  4. Find Facebook Password
           New Goal – Open store by July 1, 2014

  1. Start posting about Inside the Beehive
  2. Activate Pinterest Account
  3. Find Pinterest Password
           New Goal – Open store August 1, 2014

  1. Start posting photos from Inside the Beehive
  2. Design AWESOME Business Cards
  3. Buy envelopes & packing materials
  4. Buy scale for weighing packages
          New Goal – Open store November 1, 2014

  1. Get California tax license
  2. Set realistic goal of opening store – 2015
  3. File this list under “Things to do when I retire”


  1. You're funny! Opening the store is like having a baby; there's never a "good" time or "enough" money. Just do it. :)

    1. No you're funny! I have been dreaming about this 'baby" for a long time and you are right, there is no good time. I will do it...soon. Big time hugs

  2. haha too funny! seriously, yeah you should do it and now! your creations are lovely and you're a great storyteller.

    1. Grace, I'm still thinking I should go with a cupcake store :-) Just kidding and many thanks. Big time hugs

  3. I agree with the other comments - JUST DO IT!! :)

    1. Tanya dear, I still have your mini on display in the Beehive and your picture on my bulletin board. One day, you will come to Los Angeles and you and I will meet! Agree? Big time hugs

  4. You can do it! Many stores have just a few items.If it doesn't fly or its too stressful, close shop. What have you lost easy to tell other people to do it, sorry. But I love you videos, projects and art style. If a store is what you really want, I believe it would be wonderful. Just support , no push.
    Good luck figuring out what will work for you and family but your "fans" love your work and videos!

    1. SQ54 many thanks for the wonderful comment. You are a kindered spirit, right? Big time hugs