Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shoes make a man, but not a woman?

Am I obsessed over shoes? I’m not in Imelda Marcos’ league but I do own a total of 45 pairs. If I was compiling a list of famous/infamous shoes in history, my top five would include: Nikita Kruschchev, the former Soviet Union President who in 1960 took off his shoe and pounded it on his desk in protest, this was at the UN so it was a big deal back then, Cinderella, who was obviously in desperate need of some Dr. Schools inserts, Richard Reed, who alone is to blame for all of us going barefoot in airports across the world and Blake Mycoskie, the CEO of Tom’s Shoes. (BTW I am the proud owner of two pairs of Tom’s shoes – the red canvas and black sequin.)

And now, the honor for the most famous shoes in history…the award goes to…Dorothy and her Ruby Red Slippers. Granted 5 or 6 pairs of Ruby Red Slippers were created for the movie so they aren’t one of a kind, but in auction, a pair of her shoes sold for $666,000.

Which brings me to my favorite shoes, which incidentally did not cost over a half million, but less than $75.00. Like Dorothy’s slippers mine are sequined, and although they are blue instead of red they are magical, that I am certain of! And, like the Wardrobe Department of MGM, I had this great fear that I would wear my original pair out, so in my closet is a second pair that guarantees I will always be able to find my way home.

Every time I wear my Steve Madden Sapphire Blue Slippers I feel like singing Over The Rainbow.  Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?


  1. Actually its a pair of sneakers, every time I wear it, I feel loved, cozy and comfy. I wore them once to clean outside and they got wet and stinky and my hubby threw them out. Next day I went to the trashcan and got them out. I washed them by hand with a big brush and laundry detergent and let them air dry in the sun for two days and I have been wearing them again ever since .....

  2. Love that you bought two of them! I had a pair of ballerina flats that I loved, but they are worn out. I haven't found a pair that I love equally, but I haven't stopped searching:)