Monday, March 26, 2012

Altered Art or Just Clothespins?

Saturday morning, lying in bed with coffee and my laptop. Went on Etsy, not to buy, but to look for inspiration. One item led to another and I happened upon altered clothespins and was instantly smitten…then confused…and finally amazed. $12.50 for 4 altered clothespins? Wow, I could do that.

Off to the local Dollar Store and back in 20 minutes with a package of 40 clothespins.

Out came the scraps, glitter, Mod Podge, paint, distress ink and all kinds of assorted cr@p.  Once I started I could not stop.

Glitter filled the air and the sweet smell of Mod Podge made me dizzy with joy. I was in Craft Heaven. My mind wandered as I worked feverishly. As I got down to my last clothespin I was sorry I hadn’t bought more. At least two or three more packages.  Perhaps, I should have bought all the clothespins they had? I knew that now was the time to open up a store on Etsy. I was going to sell my clothespins. It didn’t matter that mine looked similar to the other 4,157 clothespins for sale. I could make a fortune. I could retire. I could…

WT#? 4,157 items listed for sale under clothespins? Okay, so cancel the retirement party. Bum-mer. And then my dear husband Tony rubbed salt into my gaping wound by asking, “What are you going to do with all those clothespins?”

So friends, help me out here. What the heck do I do with my 40 altered clothespins? Anyone want a package? If you do, let me know what the heck you would do with them and some lucky follower can be the proud owner of EllenBee’s First Limited Edition Clothespins. 

There will not be a second edition.

French script in a lovely shade of green.
The camellia flower is made from tissue paper I got in NYC. 

Made with a REAL map of Paris.
I added a bit of sparkle because Paris is the city of Love.

Although you can't see the detail, I used dress pattern paper for this set.
Two more tissue flowers, I love the large daisy with a pearl button center.

I just added another YouTube video. I hope you'll visit!


  1. Just saw your video on youtube. The mini looks fabulous (as always). Of course, I'm hearing your voice again as I read your blog. Your clothespins look great. I always have notices and pictures that my boys have drawn for me on the fridge. What about putting a strip of magnet on the back of the clothespin to use on a fridge. Or you could put them on some sort of memo board in your scraproom with pics of projects you want to make or inspiration. Also, many bridal or baby showers do clotheslines. Have you seen them? The guests bring lingerie for bridal and onesies for baby. You could design baby or bridal clothespins for those. Sorry, I'm rambling. Maybe I should go to the dollar store and pick up some clothespins today:)

  2. Oh yes, a clothesline and those pins to hang scrappy artwork, children's artwork, random pictures of stuff you love . . . the possibilities are endless! Oooooooh, and how great would they be to display a handmade banner? Now I need clothespins. I can see why you went a little cuckoo for cocoapuffs!

  3. these are soo cute! love them! would look great clipping up artwork on a faux clotheline in my craft room! :) love your creations! have a great week! ~hl

  4. Your clothes pins are awesome and I really like how you displayed them & OMG that camellia flower is beautiful!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, you should totally try mixed media!

  5. You are spreading the addiction! - I love the idea above of an inspiration clothesline with pictures and projects hanging on the wall - off to the shop to find some although I might limit myself - maybe just one packet?! Love yours xx Michelle

  6. Gosh these are so cute.....need to think what to do with them.....hmmmmm

  7. Thanks everyone...You just solved my display issues... Running out of counter space in the old scraproom... Next move is the air... Hang a line and pin them up...