Thursday, March 22, 2012

Music is the melody of life

Legend has it that I am distantly related to the famous pianist and composer Sergei Rachmaninoff. My father’s parents were both from Russia and my grandfather’s last name was Rachman. I have been told (by unreliable sources) that inoff (inov) means son of – hence the connection.

My father was a talented musician and played accordion, piano and organ. No lessons folks – just pure talent. Oh, he had so much hope that my sisters and I would be musical but alas, none of us took after him.

I played piano for three years and in that time had 3 teachers. FINALLY, my father realized it was me and not the teachers and I was allowed to quit. I do however love music and my taste runs from Opera to Broadway musicals to anything and everything, except Rap and Country.

When I love a song I will play it over and over and over again. For example – I haven’t seen The Book of Mormon yet, but after I downloaded the album from Itunes, I played one song 36 times. That was in ONE day! 

My daughter Cassandra will tell you that driving her to and from school she had to listen to the same tune so many times that she compared driving with me to water torture.
I come from an imaginative family and it is said that my mother’s family, who originated from Rumania, had gypsy blood running through their veins. It makes sense to me – I love to dance and I wear large hoop earrings.

I got this stamp for $.66 at Mike’s and I immediately knew that I had to make a card.

I cheated. That isn't a real envelope - just pretend.
I didn't have enough paper so I improvised.

Both the background and the black musical note paper are from Graphic 45.
I wonder if I'll ever put a bow on a card?  

Are you related to anyone famous? Want to be?


  1. I'm afraid I have no claim to being related to anyone famous Ellen! Love the card though and clever idea with regard to the "pretend" envelope!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    hugs Aly x

  2. OMGoodness, LOVE this card!! I love that when I see "note" I first think of an actual written note to someone. I absolutely LOVE that you saw "note" and thought of music. That is awesome!!! :) I really don't have any famous relatives ... other than my hunky brother once had a modeling page in GQ magazine, but he wasn't "famous" and my mother-in-law's second cousin is Bob Barker, but they've never met ... LOL :)

  3. Beautiful card! Love the music note paper

  4. I LOVE the card- it is beautiful.

    And I LOVE The Book Of Mormon. I play it LOTS. What's the song you played 36 times?! Wanna know! I sing 'Sal Tlay Ka Siti' for people at work. They think I'm insane. I got a DVD of the show from a friend of mine and have watched it about 50 times. It's such a crazy show- so vulgar but so much heart. And I love that about it.



  5. No famous relative that I know of. That card is fabulous. Love the 'fake' envie. Absolutely fabulous! Hopefully, you'll get to see The Book of Mormon when you visit your daughter next. I had the soundtrack to Rent before I had gotten a chance to see it. When I finally saw it, I literally sang the entire time. I'm sure the people next to me enjoyed it;)

  6. Family legend has it, that one of our relatives was there when they attempted to blow up parliament - If you saw my family on Guy Fawkes night you would believe it to be true!
    Love the card - I might have to make one myself soon!
    xx Michelle

  7. Ellen - My closest claim to fame is that I share my birthday with Rosie O'Donnell & Bach ... Just 2 days ago the three of us had a wonderful day. Regarding famous relatives - not so famous, but my grandmother's side of the family (the Ripleys - believe it or not) came over on a boat name the Diligent just a few ships after the Mayflower. I spent several years tracking down the info, but the DAR just couldn't accept that Thomas Ripley, Jr. had to be the son of Thomas Ripley, Sr. Someday when I'm retired & has even more info I might have a go at it again.

  8. Kim- a belated Happy Birthday! Send me your address because I'd love to send you a card :-)

    Kory - the song is I Am Africa and as of today I have played it 99 times. A close second is I Believe at 91.

    Tanya, love Bob Barker. He's an animal lover and has donated millions. As a professional fundraiser and a vegetarian that makes him a good guy in my book!

    Happy weekend to all!!!!

  9. On my Mom's side of the family we are related to famous bank robber, Jesse James. On my dad's side it is thought that we are related to President John Quincy Adams. I don't think there is any real basis to these claims though!!! If it were true what a night and day comparison!!

  10. Well Karen, there have been a few President's both here and in outher countries who have broken the law and should have gone to jail!