Sunday, March 18, 2012

Who Am I?

About 15 years ago I opened my first email account and baptized myself Peacenpassion (pronounced peace n passion.)   

Then, when I entered the WWW (wild and wacky world of scrapping) I listed my name as TheEllenB - Ellen Barbara being my first and middle name. Actually, I had been carrying around “The Ellen B” since 1957 when I saw the original Tammy and the Bachelor film starring Debbie Reynolds. The Ellen B was the name of her houseboat. Back then I thought it was pretty cool that they had named the boat after me.

The name stuck until, by mistake, I was listed in a swap as TheEllenBee. I instantly fell in love and from that day forward added the “e” and officially became TheEllenBee. There is a caveat here because I can’t seem to change my name on some of the sites I frequent so unfortunately, I am also still the TheEllenB, without the antenna and wings.

I am not multiple personalities. I repeat. Not multiple personalities BUT with all these monikers I sometimes feel as if I have no idea who I am.

The latest name calling is because of my entrance into the world of YouTube videos. My channel is Peacenpassion (because of the yahoo account) but when the camera starts rolling I introduce myself as Ellen Bee. I’m afraid I might end up confusing my followers. Or that I might be arrested for having too many aliases!

Here is where I start singing that wonderful song from Les MiserablesWho am I? If you haven’t seen the musical it’s where Jean Valjean, who has been know as: Monsier Madeleine, Monsieur Le Mayor, Ultime Fauchelevent, Monsieur Leblanc and Urbain Fabre, comes forward to admit that his real name Jean Valjean.  

I can’t sing but Who Am I? - EllenBee, TheEllenBee, TheEllenB, Peacenpassion, just plain Ellen, Mom (to my daughter) and Hon (to the husband).

I hope you like my second video which is also my first official “show and tell” video. If not, you can complain to one of my personalities -

Do you have a channel? If so, put the name in your comment and I promise to watch one of yours videos.


  1. Loved your video, and I love that album even more than I did when you showed it in photos. GREAT job! :)

  2. Love that album!!! As far as the key goes in The Wizard of Oz, I think they received a key to the city. Maybe the Munchkins gave it to them after they killed the witch. Or did the wizard give it to them? I also seem to remember Toto running with a key in his mouth at some point. I think he took it from the flying monkeys to free Dorothy. Not too sure about the keyhole specifically.

  3. I always use NKOCHRN as my user name, n for Nichole, Koch is my last name and I'm an RN. When I signed up for a google account I misspelled koch and so my address is I didn't even realize it until a couple months later b/c I always stayed logged in at work. I haven't changed it b/c this account is associated with a google group I use frequently at work!

  4. I love the album. And the video! I have a couple of sheets of that Graphic 45 paper and 4 or 5 of the stamps. Didnt know what I wanted to do with them but just HAD to have them! I know you can relate!
    No YouTube channel for me. Yet. I use mschele for my screen name a lot. My family calls me 'Chele sometimes and when I taught preschool I was Miss Michele, but the kids called me MissChele. Another teacher corrected one of the boys and he started saying Miss Michele, but he also started calling her and the other teacher Miss MiCathy and Miss MiConnie!
    Btw--I have the song Tammy's in Love playing on a loop in my head now!

  5. Hi Ellen, The EllenB, TheEllenBee, Miss PeacenPassion - I can relate over the years I have been called Mich, Michee, Chelle, Chelles, and Gary and Gazzer - the last two has a long story attached to it - Just call me friend!!
    xx Michelle

  6. Thank you PDRNC for solving the lock/key mystery. And to everyone else, it's nice to know that I am not alone with the multiple names. I don't know about anyone else but my favorite name was and will always be Mom!