Sunday, March 11, 2012

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

All this time you, my loyal followers, have probably thought that I was a nice person. Sorry to disappoint you but underneath this kind exterior is a witch – like from the Wizard of Oz. Not Glenda the good one, but the other one, with the striped stockings and funny hat.  

I was in third grade and a good friend of mine Rita B. and I went to see the Wizard of Oz at the Elmora Movie Theater. About half-way through she started crying. She was terrified of the film and told me between sobs that we had to leave – NOW! I wanted to stay and watch the film because I was really enjoying it, but No, we had to leave cause she was a scaredy cat!!

Our friendship changed after that day and a few months later – it was the day after Halloween - she got sick in school. As she puked all over herself, I wickedly laughed inside knowing I had my revenge. See, I am a witch. Do you hate me?

I like the Wizard of Oz but have never loved it. Wicked, on the other hand, is one of my favorite musicals and I have actually seen it twice. I think it is because I identify more with Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, than I do with the innocent Dorothy.

I made this album last week and I am loving the way it turned out. It is the $1.50 Little Cottage chipboard album from Mike’s bin and of course, Graphic 45 paper. I embossed the yellow brick road using TH dies.

Hold onto your hat cause there's a tornado coming!
I used sunflowers because they are the state flower of Kansas.

Pages 1 & 2 
Follow Dorothy and her friends as they seek brains, courage, heart and home.

Pages 3 & 4
The key hole paper is actually from Graphic 45
Alice in Wonderland line. It's a perfect fit.

Pages 5 & 6
Stamps are from Artistic Outpost.

Pages 7 & 8
My favorite tag is the witch's striped socks.

OMG!The tornado destroyed the house. Where are the sides?

Don't worry, Dorothy and Toto made it home safely.
The End!

Coming soon to YouTube, a spell binding story about
wizards, magical slippers and flying monkeys! 
Starring EllenBee and co-starring her Follow the Yellow Brick Road
chipboard album. Produced by Graphic 45 and directed by Mike's.


  1. Great album EllenBee! I have yet to see wicked its on my "to do" list!
    have a great week!
    hugs Aly x

  2. Ellen, what a lovely album. I wish I had your talent! Left you a PM on Thank you SSSOOO much for the amazing package. I love it all!


  3. That is really good lookin!

    I've seen Wicked four times, now- one time with tickets bought in advance here, for the tour, and three times in NYC, by luck- I was with friends and entered the lottery two hours before the show, and 'won' the tickets in the first row for 25.00.

    What a great post! I love reading you!


  4. OH! EM! GEE!!! You have very much outdone yourself, this album is AMAZING!!!! :) I have always loved Wizard of Oz and Dorothy. Probably because of the shoes. I'm all about a cute pair of heels. In fact, I have some adorable red glitter platform Mary Janes that I wore with the costume for Halloween one year. I have yet to see Wicked, but have wanted to sooooo much! I love your work, just wonderful! :)

  5. I don't know how to link, (Help anyone?) but to read about my favorite pair of shoes, go to December 29, 2011. The post is titled - Shoes make the man, but not the woman?

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    2. Tried linking but it didn't let you 'click' on the link. Sorry.

  6. Wow; fabulous, just fabulous. I don't hate you. To link open another browser window and go to the blog post you want to share. 'Copy' the url address in the top little box at the top and 'paste' it into the 'reply' box to a post. They should then be able to click on the link.

  7. Fabulous Ellen - I love the paper you used and all the colour! Can't wait to see the next one and I will keep an eye out for your movie - sounds fab!! xx Michelle

  8. Great story and your album is adorable.....

  9. L O V E love love!! So adorable! Your are so very ceative!! hugs, hl

  10. LOVE your humor!!!!!! I'm going back to youtube to sub you!!