Monday, March 5, 2012

Why Alter a Birdhouse?

My Top Ten Reasons
  1. Because it was only $1.00 - and I am cheap.
  2. Because it is an easy project - and I am lazy.
  3. Because it gives me the opportunity to use leftover scraps - and boy do I have a lot.
  4. Because everyone else does them - and I am a follower, not a leader.
  5. Because I have a ton of bird embellishments – and I want to get rid of them so I can buy new ones.
  6. Because I need projects to write about for my blog – and I am clear out of ideas.
  7. Because it’s tiny – and after photographing it for my blog I can stick it in a corner.
  8. Because I have seen them for sale at outrageous prices – and if I decided to sell it, I might be able to make a good profit.
  9. Because I genuinely like birds – as long as they don’t poop on my car.
  10. Because we think caged birds sing, when in fact they are really crying to be free - and birdhouses are man’s way of giving birds their wings to fly.   
 A musical roof tops this little house.

I gave this house an architectural theme with house plans, blue prints and
a tape measure trim.

There are even windows for my feathered friend.

Sign from Lost & Found Collection
Tape measure and house plans by Rebecca Sower
Architectural stickers by TH Crowded Attic
Bird House, golden leaves, and silver stars by Recollections

Have you ever made a birdhouse? Have I perhaps inspired you? I hope so!


  1. OMGoodness this is awesome! :) I've often thought about doing a little bird house, but then I wonder what I'd do with it??? :)

  2. LOVE this! Shame I haven't seen anything like it over here in the uk as I'd love to have a go at altering one!
    hugs Alyson x

  3. The blueprints are genius! What an adorable little project. I happen to have a couple of little wooden lighthouses. And seashells. And paint. Hmmm. Yes, you have inspired me and I thank you.

  4. LOVE the blueprints! And the nest on the front is adorable. Great job!

  5. That is very nice!

    I love the house plan design- that is genius. And cute.

    love it!


  6. Very cute! I really love the lil' blue print!!

  7. I got the Tim Holtz die yesterday - so Yes!! I am making birdhouses too!!! They are sooo cute - I am making a little birdhouse mini at the moment from a cool lady I found on you tube PaperKitz - it could add to your new collection.
    Love yours - can't wait to see what is next!!!
    xxx Michelle

  8. Wow this came out so cute, if I was a bird I would love to live there....hehehe

  9. Love your birdhouse, looks so cosy! I love doing birdhouses lol but then have trouble finding places to hang/display so usually end up giving them away :)

  10. Just saw your comment- glad I was able to provide some entertainment on the boards for you! lol

    But really, would've seen that coming?!

    And I cam back to have another look at your birdhouse. I'm gonna make one for my Mom- she loves birdhouses!



  11. Time to be truthful here - my birdhouse will soon move to my craft storage unit in the garage. It's very tiny but I agree with Tanya. HOWEVER, Melissa has inspired me and I am now on the hunt for a small wooden lighthouse. Once completed it will keep the birdhouse company. :-) Thanks to all my friends who read my blog. Each comment is like a wonderful present and I treasure each and every one.

    1. Let me know if you can't find one because I have TWO! I'll happily pop that little guy in the mail for you if you want it.