Monday, April 30, 2012

The Fish Girl

Did something funny ever happen to you that made you laugh till you practically peed your pants? And then, when you shared the story not only did no one laugh, but no one even smiled?

I have told this story over and over again just waiting for someone to agree with me that it is funny, but so far, no luck. 

My daughter Cassandra was a competitive ice skater for 15 years. We lived in Los Angeles but had a postage size cabin in Lake Arrowhead so that she could train at the Ice Castle International Training Center. In order to get to the cabin you had to walk up a steep staircase built into the hill, and although it was a bear with groceries, we loved it because it felt as if we were living in a tree house.

Cassandra was about 10 and had been playing with some friends when I heard terrible screams coming from the bushes that lined the hill. My precious baby had tumbled, just like Jill.

I immediately went into mom mode and ran down to see the damage. Luckily, nothing seemed broken but Cassandra was a bit bruised. ICE, that is what she needed so I ran back up and opened up the freezer.

The tiny ice box was packed full – not with ice but with trout that Cassandra’s dad had caught. About 2 dozen ziplock bags of fish. So what did I do? I grabbed an armful of frozen fish and placed them on Cassandra’s legs and hands. She was now The Fish Girl and soon the tears of pain were replaced with tears of laugher.

I’m not hoping for laughter here, but did I at least make you smile? If not, this card will do the trick!

Both stamps are from Viva Las Vegas and the paper is Graphic 45.


I am hooked (no pun intended) on card making!

Do you have a funny fish story to share? Or even a favorite fish recipe? If so, do share!


  1. I did laugh- at the idea of holding frozen fish against a child's hurt leg/hands!

    I LOVE the card. Very classy looking, but still fun- does that make sense?

    I don't have a fish story, really. I don't even eat fish. I can't stand it. But I did once go 'deep sea fishing.' On a boat and all. I caught a crab. I thought I'd caught a fish. I reeled it in, then freaked out when I saw a crab holding onto my hook with its claw- it was swinging directly towards me. I threw the pole left and ran right. The crab flew onto the deck of the boat and started RUNNING in all directions. Women were screaming and jumping onto benches, kids were screaming and running in all directions. Finally, one of the 'boat guys' got the crab back into the water and sanity was restored.

    Clearly, this was a boat full of tourists who really had no clue about fishing.


  2. Yes you did, if fact I look forward to your posts because I just love your stories!

    On a side note, I'm still looking into the tutorial thing. I'm a bit shy so we'll see.....

  3. How can anyone NOT find that funny? Love the story and the card!

  4. I did laugh at your story - and Yes I have told a story that was so funny I was crying just telling it right till the punchline when one of my lovely family said... I guess you had to be there!! Hope you are well - your cards are Fantastic!! xx Michelle

  5. I loved the story, as I do ALL your stories. You are one cool lady! :) The card is amazing, btw!

  6. Loved your story and your card. I've got lots of fish stories, but one that still makes my 86-yr. old mom and me chuckle is about my husband. He's a native So. Cal. I'm native Denver, which is where we lived when we got married. We decided to go fishing in a creek in the mountains. He walks into my parents' kitchen carrying a humongous pole. Yep, it was for deep sea fishing. I didn't think my mom would ever stop laughing. We finally got the pole into our station wagon, with it hanging several feet out the back window. Once we got to the creek, he was trying to fish, but his pole was longer than the creek was wide. He'd have to stand waaaaay back to get the line into the water. Somehow he managed to catch a little tiny brookie trout...snagged it in the eye. Hubby was so excited that the fish jumped out of his hands. If anyone sees a one-eyed trout, you'll know the background story~(mrsdriver5)

    1. Who are you? You are a hoot and I'd love to read more of YOUR stories!! Why don't you have a blog??

  7. Yes it is funny, not pee in my pants funny, but funny enough....hahaha