Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pee is for Purse

I’m a shoe and purse kind of gal. I wear mostly black so love to wear ridiculously colorful shoes and bags. Today I am wearing red shoes and my bag is turquoise blue. I don’t care if either are leather or not, my sole (no pun here) requirement is that they make me smile.

I do have one very horribly mortifying story to share. During the summer my mother used to play Mahjong with her lady friends. They would alternate houses and it was a big deal for the hostess to put out her finest for this weekly soiree.

Our back yard was simple. Not many flowers but we had this wonderful oak tree that shaded the yard from the heat. The ladies, all smartly coiffed, sat around a card table and I could hear the sound of Mahjong tiles clicking away and the occasional peal of laughter.One of the ladies had her purse sitting on the grass by her side. It was an expensive straw purse adored with flowers, ribbons and bling – not unlike a heavily embellished LO.

I was playing with my cousin when I just happened to gaze over as our dog Sammy, who had been resting in the shade, lifted his hind leg and peed in the open straw bag. Can I tell you how hysterically funny that was to a couple of 12 year olds? Between fits of laughter I ran over to my mother and shared the details of this deadly peed, I mean deed. What happened next was pure pandemonium. Suffice to say, my mother never had another Mahjong party at our house.

Tony bought me the K & Co Amy Butler Lotus Faded China paper pad as part of a Christmas gift. At first I struggled as to what to make with it so I looked for matching items. Mahjong! I mean Bingo!  I found that they carried purse embellishments and I remembered that I had a Mike’s $1.00 purse chipboard album stashed away. 

Front Cover - tons of seam binding - just can't get enough.
If I could afford it, I'd have every color they make!

Sideview - it's a mini, but like a real purse it can carry a heavy load.

Inside...a purse within a purse.

Every purse needs a spot for journaling.

Close up of Martha's butterflies and handmade flower using theTH die.

The rear end should look just as nice as the front!

I would pair this purse with purple colored shoes. Do you have a funny story about your pet?

Just made a video of my purse and would love to have you stop on by and say hello!


  1. A purple purse goes with everything!! Love the mini the colours are gorgeous, xx Michelle

  2. Great story I would of laughed too, even now at my age.... and your purse is adorable. tfs

  3. Ellen, I love you! :) You have once again managed to brighten my day and make me laugh out loud!!! :D I, too, love bright, fun purses and shoes. My sister-in-law gave me a hot pink (SUPER BRIGHT) patent leather Coach purse one year for Christmas. She said while it was a little 'much' she couldn't resist, that it just "looked like ME." Everyone agrees, and I get tons of compliments on it, still use it daily. :D And as for pet stories, I could go on for days!! :)

  4. OMG, were they still friends after that, lol! Beautiful little purse, love the colors!!

  5. Love your purses!! So fun and colorful. I really love to read your stories...So fun.

  6. Thank you all for your comments. Tanya, hot pink sounds devine...I don't have that color...must go shopping. Norma, from that day forward Sammy was always kept far away from the laides. Hugs to all {{}} EllenBee

  7. OMG Ellen, Seam binding. I never thought of that, it's awesome!

  8. loved your pee story! It made me laugh very loud! Im smiling thinking of the pure pandemonium that broke out!