Thursday, April 12, 2012

I am a thief!

I made my first scrapbook in 1961. I was in 9th grade and I wanted a keepsake of the year I turned 16.

To celebrate this birthday milestone, all my girlfriends and I had elaborate Sweet Sixteen parties. Usually they were held at fancy restaurants and we girls dressed up as if we were going to a cocktail party. Also, since party favors weren't popular back then, it was expected that each gal would take home a memento from the event. A flower from the centerpiece or for the less ethical gals, like me, a piece of silverware. Scotch taped into a scrapbook it would sit next to the party invitation along with a sentence or two about the day.

Every business card, ticket and gumball wrapper went into that scrapbook and at the end of the year my scrapbook was heavy…with metal…almost an entire set of silverware...I had a lot of girlfriends.

I don’t steal silverware anymore. Matter of fact I don’t steal anymore.
But I still make scrapbooks. Not unlike my first scrapbook, my current scrapbook is filled with minutia. No silverware, but definitely business cards and ticket stubs.

 I started off with a Teresa Collins Notations Kit.

 Then I went crazy raiding my stash.

Every page holds a memory, a bit of journaling and some aged yellow tape.

A business card, advertising and a tag from the new purse
I bought in NYC decorate these two pages.

When I win the lottery, I am moving to the city.

And the husband is going to have season tickets to both
the Mets and the Yankees.

And we will become patrons of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
And I will have my dream scrapbook room! 


I want to hear about YOUR first scrapbook. Do share! Or tell me how you are going to spend your money when you win the lottery.


  1. Fun post. It is great to hear of your early days of scrapping. Very fun book(s). Thanks.

  2. Loved hearing about your early scrapbook days. When my husband and I were dating, I saved every movie ticket stub and matchbook from restaurants we visited. I would put them all in a photo album. I recently found the album and all of the printing had completely faded from the ticket stubs. No silverware in my album though:)

  3. This is awesome!! Love it! :)

    I started keeping photo albums back in junior high and high school. Mostly all my cheerleading pictures, then school dance photos, prom and boys I dated, of course. My pictures were in those awful old magnetic albums. I remember raiding my mother's desk at work one day, and asking if I could take her purple file folder labels home. I used them to note names, places, etc, much the same as we do today. Once I got to college, I discovered paint pens. I used them to write on the transparency part overlaying the magnetic pages. I could even change it out with a swipe of nail polish remover! :)

    When I started "modern scrapbooking," as I call it, in 1998, I scavenged the photos out of those old books and tossed them. Wish now that I'd documented them somehow. I've always been a saver - I still have certificates from 1st grade saying how many books I read that year, programs from recitals, love notes ... I was destined for scrapbooking!! :)

  4. Love those early scrapbook days and the momentos you kept!

  5. This post made me smile! I really enjoyed your project!

  6. I love this style of scrapbooking, and the way you did it. Great idea for a journal - everything you dream of! I have never scrapbooked, but I recently found albums from my younger days filled with postcards - nothing else though. When I win lotto I am buying a plane ticket and taking you out shopping!!
    xx Michelle

  7. I never made a scrapbook, but I did fill an old shoebox with momentos of an exboyfriend. Not sure if that really counts for anything.

  8. I was weird for my age I think. When I was about 12 yrs old I would buy a Magazine called Golden years in movies or something like that. It was about old old time movie stars like Cary Grant, Tyrone Pwers and Rita Hayward to name a few. I used to love them all and I knew all about their lives, movies and anything else that had to do with them. So I decided to start a scrapbook with the cutouts of them from those magazine. Then I tired of that and started collecting Archie comic books and Nancy Drew Books.....