Thursday, April 5, 2012

I can predict the future…sort of

There’s a show on TV which I have never seen called Long Island Psychic. Think they should have a version entitled Canoga Park Psychic, starring yours truly.

Once I had an incredible psychic experience that shook me to the core and made me think that I was destined to one day work for The Psychic Hotline.

While attending college I lived in a very large apartment complex. One morning as I was walking down the hall to the elevators, I smelled smoke. I actually knocked on a stranger’s door thinking the smoke could have been coming from the apartment but the gal told me that nothing was burning in her apartment, nor did she smell anything. The last thing I said was that if she did smell smoke to please call the fire department.

Around two in the morning I was awakened by fire sirens and although I looked out the window I could see nothing out of the ordinary. The next day I heard the news. There had been a fire in the adjoining building and no one had called the fire department. OH EM GEE! I had predicted the fire. It was no coincidence I was a fire psychic.

Altering a matchbox has been on my lists of things to do for some time and I love the way it turned out. 

I filled it with tags and shells that a dear friend sent me from New Zealand.

I used the Kraft Graphic 45 paper. No closet for this baby - it's going on display.
After all, I do wear a tiara!

In case you’re curious, I have never again predicted a fire. 

Have you made a matchbox? Want to? Or had a psychic experience?


  1. Beautiful matchbox, I've never predicted anything but my husband can. He's always having something weird happen to him but he doesn't talk about too much anymore. I guess I teased him a little too much, lol.

  2. your matchbox turned out GREAT!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  3. your story is interesting and matchbox is gorgeous..... tis

  4. Love the matchbox and what a great place for the Paua shells!! So pleased that you are using your goodies! I am pyschic - I predict a huge future for TheEllenBee and this fabulous blog. xx Michelle

  5. I love your beautiful matchbox! Your attention to detail makes it so special. The gold edges reminds me of some of the old boxes of italian specialty soaps. This looks like the real thing!!

    When i was a kid I used a dremel tool with wooden matchsticks like a lathe to turn miniature objects. To store them I stacked several matchboxes together to make something like a dresser, complete with brads for drawerpulls. Nothing fancy though!