Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sob, I hate to admit it, but I am a disgrace to my hobby

Have you ever heard of a scrapper who went on vacation, packed a camera and didn’t take one single photo? Dear Reader, let me introduce myself – the Ellenbee AKA the gal who almost never takes photos.

True story – I went to Europe for 5 weeks and traveled to Paris, Ireland and England and only once, I repeat, only once during the entire trip did I take my camera out of my purse. We were in a graveyard in England and I felt the need (????) to capture my daughter Cassandra standing in front of an old tombstone.  Honestly folks, I can think of no earthly reason why that particular moment needed to be recorded in history. 

I just got home from a long weekend trip to NYC to visit Cassandra. Camera was fully charged and I was determined to take pictures of our time together. I was so certain that I was going to take a zillion photos that I almost took the charger with me. The husband knew my penchant for taking or rather for not taking photos, and convinced me that I wouldn’t need the charger. I didn't.

I know right now you are probably thinking that I am going to say that I didn’t take one photo, right? Wrong! I did take the camera out of the purse and I did take more than one photo. Wanna see them?
Is it Cassandra and I trying on shoes at Shoegasm? Or drinking Bollinger Champagne at The Bubble Lounge in Tribeca? Or sampling all six of the Histories de Parfums at Wonderland? Or drinking Passion Mimosas at our favorite restaurant Good? Or dining at Cipriani which overlooks Grand Central Terminal? Yes, we did a lot of eating and drinking. And nope, I have no photos of us to record this trip.  

The photos I have are of The Ink Pad on 7th Avenue. I actually took a bunch of photos of the local stamp store, but not one of my beautiful daughter. 

Am I going to scrap the stamp store? No, but at least I can share with you a few memories from my wonderful trip to NYC.  You'll just have to take me at my word.


  1. Welcome back - I took some lovely shots of the countryside on my recent road trip with my daughter but forgot to take the one I really wanted - the two of us!! The stamps in that photo are lusciuos - I hope you spoilt yourself there!
    xx Michelle

  2. You are a hoot. First of all, please do not show be all of those great stamps! I SEE NOTHING, I see....

    Two things I regret are not taking the right photos, even tho' I take quite a few on a trip, and I regret photos that were never taken from when I was a kid and before of my family. They were not big on taking photos and I can think of so many photos I wish I had of my grandparents...just around their homes.

    At least you have a chance to do better!

  3. I'm like you take my camera and forget to use it or when I want to take a photo I don't have my camera grrrr!
    Love that craft shop though!
    hugs Aly x

  4. WHAT a STORE!!! I recently saw their website, while researching/searching for a stamp I saw in the background of a photo of another stamp store- never found the stamp I was searching for- but whoa when I saw this shop, I wanted to drop everything and run to NYC!

    And I am the same way- I am horrible at taking photos on vacation. My photos will all be of stores, a few pics of my hotel room, close ups of random signs- everyone is like, didnt you take any 'real pictures?!' lol

    I'm jealous of your great sounding trip!

  5. Awesome store!

    I can empathize with you. Last week, DS turned five. I have all of five photos of the decorations before the party. Then.... nothing!

  6. Oh my! I am a photo taking fool. Always have been, though. My hub laughs at me, because every time a camera is brought out, I smile and stick my chin out. ;) I've just always been a Ham, even before I married one, and I **LOVE** to 'relive' moments. Whether it's a sunset when we're at the lake, or the view of the Vegas Strip, or the birthday cakes of all my nephews and niece - I'm always there with a camera. "Living for Photo Ops" should be my motto, silly as is sounds. At least you have wonderful memories, and that's really what matters! xoxo

  7. I am always taking pictures, but when DH and I go on a trip I always end up with a bunch of photos of all the stuff I saw and never all the stuff we DID! I hate when I end up with pictures of stuff and NOT people!

  8. Except for Tanya, I seem to be in good company! Thank you all for making me feel a bit better. I am raising my left hand with a pledge to next time take my camera out of my purse and use it to capture some great moments with Cassandra.

  9. Lol! I have no photos to document my honeymoon, or my tripnto London to visit DH when we were dating. Only since imstarted scrapping do I bring photos to capture something other than my daughter, or my cookies!

    I would love a LO of a stamp store!!

  10. Here's another story to make you feel better Ellenbee. My dad worked in the Caribbean for a while for an international telecommunications company installing power equipment in telephone offices. Did he take pictures of the scenery, views from hotel rooms, the hotel rooms themselves, or even where he was working? No. He took pictures of parking lots. Really.

  11. This is too funny. I do the same dang thing and then I have the nerve to chide our three children, even emailing them pictures of the three photo strips I have hanging in my living room. The middle one contains pics of my darling daughter who is so unlike her mother, and her love (which she provided). The strips on either side contain identical stock photos. Like mother like sons?!