Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ode to Michael

My favorite Michael does not have the last name of Jackson, Jordan, Fox, or Moore. Instead it is Dupey. Never heard of him? Michael J. Dupey was an innovative Dallas business man who opened a store in 1976 and named it Michael’s Arts and Crafts.

I may not have a local scrapbook store (LSS), but I live only 1.76 miles from Mike’s (as I affectionately call my home away from home.) After all, we are on intimate terms and I visit him more often than I do my sisters! I am lucky because the customer service has always been excellent at my West Hills store. But then, because I visit at least once a week so many of the employees know me by name.

Sure, I sometimes get impatient with the stock – where the bleep are those balsa wood boxes?? Why don’t they carry any TH dies? And what is the point of those 40% off coupons when you can’t use them on the one item that you really need? But with more than 1000 Michael's Arts and Crafts Stores across the country and Canada, I know I am not alone in my love affair with Mike. In all seriousness, if given a choice of going to my favorite restaurant (Sorry Kate Mantilini) or Mike’s, I’m grabbing my 40% off coupon! 

I never leave the store without digging through their $1.50 bins. Bursting at the seams with miscellaneous items like metal keys, mini chipboard albums, nail files, ribbons and rubber stamps, each a treasure that screams at the passing shoppers, “I’m lonely, please take me home.” My personal weakness stems from trying to ignore the cries of those cheap red rubber stamps on wooden bases. Over the last year I have amassed quite a collection and although I rarely use them, I am always on the hunt for the next great rubber stamp.

I have to say that Mike’s must have a new stamp designer because this year’s stamps are just awesome. Pen/pencils with wings and that bird with an envelope in his beak?? How cute is that? What’s your favorite find from the $1.50 bin?

This is all most some of my Mike's stamps. I have another drawer but was too embarrassed to let Tony see them - after all he is the one who is taking the pictures. Does that make me a liar, a hoarder or just your typical scrapper?


  1. I love the bins, too! Here in OKC, they are DOLLAR bins, not dollar-fitty bins! And I am crossing my fingers they dont go up on the price! Not that .50 is going to make or break me, but it is so much easier to justify ONE dollar!

    And yes, the stamps have been great lately! I loved the cpvintage circus theme, and this 'pen with wing theme' - I've bought every one!


  2. Ha! Love that last comment. I would have to say that more than likely, the answer to that question is behind door number three! ~MoniL~

  3. I agree with MoniL - door number three!! I am totally in love wiht my Michaels stamps - Thanks Ellen xxxx Michelle

  4. Your posts are always fun to read :) New follower.

  5. Kory is right, we're still *crossing fingers* still only $1 and I love them too. Although, I have put myself on a strict DO NOT BUY policy in the last year though. I would scavenge through buying all the clear Studio G stamps and they were horrible to stamp with. I bought several of the wooden block alpha sets and the rubber separated, but I figured what did I expect for $1? Now I stick to the small chipboard albums, embellishments, paper pads, large clothespins ...

    I do have to share a funny story though. I have a Mike's near work that I frequent during lunch, and one on my way home that I stop at in the evenings. Both sets of employees know me. My lunchtime Mike's was training a new employee and the cashier pointed me out, saying "she always buys scrapbook stuff, and always has a coupon." Great. At my evening Mike's several months ago, I pulled up the coupon on my phone, and the cashier looked at like I had 2 heads. She didn't realize she could scan it, even after I told her they'd done it before. The lady behind me asked if it was an app or email coupon. I told her it was an app. I then had to explain to the 3 cashiers that first off didn't know M's had an app, but WHAT an app was ... :( I like my lunchtime M's better .... :)

    Awesome post as always, I've loved Mike's since my first visit back in the mid-80's. :)

  6. Runzalot81, I have a post about you coming up in a few weeks. Glad you're now a follower :-)

  7. I love Michaels so much, that I named my 1st born Michael....Never did have a girl if so I would of named her Joann.....hehehe

  8. It's so sad, I'm at Michaels so much they know me by name. I should probably try to locate a 12 step program to get over my addiction to the $1.50 bins. :-) Can't leave the store without digging through at least three of them.

  9. Seriously....a typical are just adorable and I love your writing style...I am really enjoying your blog....

    1. our Michael's has $1.50 bins...and I bought so many christmas and valentine stamps....I have forgone buying more stamps until after March1st....