Sunday, February 19, 2012

What's in a Name?

 “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Warning – English lesson ahead
Most folks know that Shakespeare wrote that line, but what you may not be aware of is that it was a double entendre. Back in the Elizabethan era folks didn’t bathe often. Hence, air pollution was rampant. In order to mask the fragrant smells that emanated from their bodies, lovely ladies used to cut up oranges and stick them under their armpits. What was even more yucky disgusting unique, was that if unhappy with the performance, the upper class, who actually sat in the upper seats as opposed to the lower class, who sat in the pit, (pun intended) they would discreetly remove those oranges and throw them at the actors. The lower class would just throw rotten fruit...which is in fact how Rotten Tomatoes (my favorite movie review site) got their name.

The Shakespeare Globe Theatre, which was co-owned by Will and his pals, was in a bit of competition with the neighboring Rose Theatre. When Will wrote that line for Romeo and Juliet he was referring to the fact that traitors theatre goers who frequented the Rose were more odorous than his faithful following. Of course, Kory probably knew this already. Right Kory?

Now, let’s transition from arm pits to names –
A fad that is sweeping the WWW (wild & wacky world) of scrapping is Junque Journals. This is not a misspelled word – if you are a scrapper, junk is now spelled j-u-n-q-u-e! It’s as if by changing the spelling makes it more desirable. It's all in the name folks!

I have made a few journals, but I wanted to call them something a bit more fun so I christened mine Mish-Mosh Journals. But don’t worry, they are real Junk Journals, for the definition of Mish-Mosh is a confused jumble. And I promise you that inside they are just as junky as any Junque Journal you've ever seen. 

The cover and back are made from BINGO cards.
I tried to make the cover as junky as possible.

Every single page has something on it -
I used stickers, papers and even stamps from work.

There are over 60 pages of fun in this tiny book.

Paper clips, binders, tags and clothespins to keep treasured items safe.

Have you made a Junque Journal? What do you call yours?  


  1. I call this fabulous - love the bingo card cover! Great job EllenBee!! xx Michelle

  2. Yours is so pretty. What is the difference between a Junque Journal and Smash Book? I have to think of a name fore my SmashBook....tfs oh and thanks for the history lesson, I shared it with my hubby. Very interesting....

  3. First of all, that journal is freakin COOL. I love it.

    And yes, I did know that- I love all of the fun and crazy double meanings and other wild Shakespeare stuff. I remember being 17, in English class, when the teacher asked what a joke meant in the porter's drunk speech in MacB____. (haha) and I shouted out, "it means he couldn't get an erection!" and all the kids went wild- and then went even wilder when the teacher said, 'That is right!' lol

    And the people in the pit didn't sit there, they stood. But I know you know that. lol Ohhh my brain is filled with too much of this stuff, both from early theatre history classes and then working on the play 'Compleat Female Stage Beauty.'

    But WHOA I love your journal. Where'd you get the Penguin 1984 paper?! That's beautiful.


  4. Kory, It's Postcards from Penguin and you can get the box (100 cards) at Amazon. I got it as a gift from a dear friend. Must share that here in LA I am surroundd by great theatre including my fav - Will Geer Botanicum. Yes, you are right about the Globe - I took literary license :-) BTW every week I pick someone from my followers to mail a small RAK. This week it is you! Send me your address and expect a little thank you :-)

  5. See! I knew you knew! lol

    Oh! I'm excited! I'll send you my address, I can't wait!


  6. Hi! Just checking out your blog for the first time (I'm the one who started the "Why Blog?" chat on's forum) and you've made me laugh out loud. More than once! So now I find that I'm adding "Check all older posts for The Womens Waiting Room Blog" onto my ever-growing list of things to do. Funny thing about that list. It's always getting longer, but doesn't often get shorter. Hmmmmm. There's a message there... Anywho... Love your blog and Loooove your junque/mish-mash journal. Ah yes, add "Google junque journal" onto to-do list. Cheers, Tessa. :)

    P.S. Am posting this comment as "anonymous" because I'm so compu-illiterate I have no idea how else to post!

  7. Aaaaah! Shakespeare was one of my favorite classes in college. Those were the days! I will have to remember that and use it in my scrap journaling, maybe a "book of me"!

    Ellen, you rock! The charms you sent are great, they will everyone be used and I will think of you everytime I look at them.

  8. Love that I learned a little something here. Your mish-mosh journal is fabulous! Love how you put together the cover.

  9. I made one last year and I LOVED it! Yours is beautiful! I love the emphasis on the color orange and that book cover is gorgeous- I would have included that as a main page as well.