Monday, February 27, 2012

One Vagabond, two Vagabond, three Vagabond, four...

or the death of a friend...sob!

READER WARNING: There is nothing funny about this post. The only people laughing were TH and Sizzix as they spent my hard earned cash!

I am impatient and tenacious. And sometimes, when you mix the two you have, shall I say, a situation?

I got my first Spellbinders Nestabilities and was dying to try them out. Like 5 minutes ago. Ready to load them into my trustworthy Vagabond I quickly glanced at the directions. Solo Thin Die Adapter? Come on folks.  They don’t sell Vagabond accessories at my Mike’s and the closet LLS is about an hour away. What is a girl to do? Improvise!

Bad mistake. Did I say bad mistake already? Can I say it again? Bad mistake! Hand on button I pushed an original sandwich of sorts as the machine made the most awful sounds I had ever heard. It’s working! I am a genius! Who needs the solo thin die adapter?

And then the machine stopped dead. Couldn’t be. I just pushed harder and the machine started again but everything was stuck. I’ll spare you the gory details, but it contained lots of tears, regrets and a sleepless night.

The next morning I ordered my second Vagabond and the adapter. Every time I push that button now I hold my breath, just waiting for it to get stuck again. I think I am suffering from post traumatic syndrome. 

Rest in Peace dear friend. Thinking about having it cremated and putting the ashes in my scraproom. Or maybe I should just do a LO with this photo?  

My new BFF. I haven't had time to ebellish, yet.


  1. My electric Sizzix died this weekend too :( , no fault of mine thow.....Maybe we should open a cementry for die cut machines.....hehehe

  2. I've never seen a vagabond before, but I could imagine how you feel. If I ever broke my cricut I'd be LOST, heck I feel lost when my mats get worn out and I have to wait for another one to come in the mail or find time to go get one!

  3. I'm dying to hear what you used to make this 'killer sandwich!'


  4. Oh no!! I'm sorry for your loss.

  5. I recently cracked my Cuttlebug C Plate and freaked out! :) I wasn't paying close enough attention to my 'sandwich' ... oopsie. Luckily it didn't break completely, so I will keep using that sucker until it does! :)

  6. Well, someone posted on that they broke their Spellbinders by using a different company die and they also did not follow the directions, EXCACTLY. They are picky little boogers aren't they? Now, I'm so paranoid I am reading the instructions 1000 times.

    Spellbinders is fixing theirs for $25, BTW.

    So sorry this happened to you.

  7. Post Script: I must add that despite my murderess act, the die managed to escape the scene of the crime without any injuries.

    Vicky, I now read directions before I do anything on my new Vagabond. Even when I'm just embossing!

    Martica, sorry about the death in your scraproom. I hope that wasn't your one and only.

  8. Thank you for being brave enough to share your sad stories as well as your joyful and humorous ones. We can learn from your experience. ;)

  9. I got my vagabond machine as a Christmas gift and was excited to use my dies too, but saw after the fact that I needed that adapter. Luckily I waited to find one as I was too scared mine would blow up. I wish I would have known I needed it when I got the machine..I would have just ordered both. Glad you have a new friend. LOVE your blog. Glad I found it. Your story telling is amazing.